14 January 2009

Secrets and my dear friend Karen

Don't you just love secrets? I do. I especially love it when I know something that someone else doesn't think I know. :-) And that's all I'm going to say about that!

My dear friend Karen received some very difficult news today. Her dad was told that he has a cancerous tumor on his right lung, and that chemo will be part of his treatment. Karen's parents haven't been in the very best of health for a while now, and for several years they have lived with her and Frank. It has been extremely trying for her at times, and there have been many mornings that she's had to vent over something that had happened the evening before. There have been times when we've laughed over something that had happened; other times we've come close to tears; and then other times we've laughed because the only other option was to cry.

Karen is one of the most talented, funny, loving people I know. She has been through so much, but she always comes out with the most positive attitude. She has been a rock for me on MANY occasions, especially recently. I love her to death, and my heart aches for her and her family.

I have her listed in my blog list--Karen's Korner. Pop by and read what she has to say. I'm quite sure that you will find something that will touch you in some way.

KK--I love you and I am here for you ANYTIME! {{{HUGS}}}


nikkicrumpet said...

Sorry to hear about your friends family. It is such a hard thing to have someone you love sick. But a positive attitude goes a long way..and is inspirational to everyone who sees it.

Mary Moore said...

Man, we have got to find a cure.

All the best to Karen and her dad. I will keep them in my thoughts and send positive vibes their way.

Tracy said...

Come on now, not nice to keep secrets. Haha !
Just joking, I think we all have little secrets here or there.
Have a good night :-)

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