24 January 2009

I need a day

I need a day to do nothing but blog, mostly to read all the posts I'm so far behind on. After John basically challenged me, I've tried to stay off the computer as much at night. It's been hard, but I've survived. LOL

I also need a day at the spa. All I really want is a facial. I'd love a full-body massage, but I love a facial just as much. I think it would probably do as much, or more, for my neck as a massage. Connie, Linda, Amy, and I have been talking about doing a girls' weekend to Ross Bridge.

John and I spent SUCH an exciting day cleaning house today. Woo Hoo! I know I'm so lucky because he does help out so much around the house (and I don't even have to promise him anything.) So many of my friends complain because their husbands do very little as far as housework is concerned. John isn't ALWAYS "Mr. Housekeeper" but he does more than what I'd guess the average man does. One thing that surprised me when we dated was that his house was always neat and tidy. I was used to dating guys who lived in true bachelor pads, and it usually wasn't pretty. hahaha

We went to Lowe's this evening so he could get the stuff to make a table to go in the hallway. He wants to have a place to display all of the pictures of Sam. John LOVES working with his hands, and he especially loves woodworking. We have a pie safe and a dry sink that he made years ago, and we used to have an entertainment center that he'd made. It was made specifically for the TV he had at the time, and when we got the TV we have now, the entertainment center was just a wee bit too small. We had looked around at several places to find a table, but we never could find what we really wanted. He decided he could make exactly what we wanted for less than what we were finding. I'll need to find a pretty lamp to put on it.

I went yesterday to get my gray covered. Boy, did it need it! After I realize it's almost time to get my roots touched up, it usually takes me a week to get around to making an appointment. Then because Lynn stays so busy, it usually takes another week to get an appointment. I got lucky this week. I called Wednesday, and she was able to get me in yesterday.

We're watching one of my all-time favorite movies--Remember the Titans--and Bama has rooted himself into my lap, and Ali is pawing at me. That's their way of telling me they need/want my undivided attention. I better go give it to them since they haven't gotten much attention from me at all today.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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