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So, just who IS Trina?  I am a wife, a (step)mother, a daughter, and a friend.  I was blessed to marry my best friend.  John was the answer to many, many prayers, and I thank God each and every day for bringing us together.  When we married, I had an "instant" family.  Katy and Jessi have been a huge blessing to me as well.  When I was younger, I never really thought I 'd have children of my own.  That just wasn't something I saw in my future.  (I never was the baby doll kind of little girl.)  But I did see myself as a step-mom.  Weird?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Our girls have the greatest guys for husbands!  Katy is married to Phillip, and Jessi is married to Lance.  Both of these guys simply adore their beautiful wives.  Both Phillip and Lance fit right into our family so perfectly, and we love them so much.

We have two grandsons:  Sam (who belongs to Katy and Phillip) and Layton (who belongs to Jessi and Lance.)  Both boys are the CUTEST KIDS EVER!!!!!!!!!  (Don't let anyone tell you that the Vest family doesn't have beautiful babies!)  Sam is the typical ball-loving, mud-loving, outdoor-loving boy.  Since Layton is still so new, it's hard to know exactly what he'll love, but I'm sure he'll be a typical little boy since his daddy loves the outdoors.

I was also blessed to be raised by two wonderful parents who instilled solid values in me.  They continue to guide me daily.  I just wish that I could see them more frequently. 

As I have gotten older, my friendships have changed.  Some "old" friends have disappeared from my life; "new" friends have been added; and some "old" friends have reappeared.  I don't know what I would do without my friends.  They tell me like it is when that is what I need to hear.

I am also a teacher.  I pray each day that I can be a positive influence in the lives of my students.  I pray that I can encourage, support, and guide them the way that my teachers did for me.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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