27 November 2009


So, okay...Bama did NOT beat the hell outta auburn, but ya know what? I don't care. Bama won, Bama is still undefeated, and that is ALL that matters. The aubies once again were unable to ruin the TIDE'S perfect season.

Ahhhh. Victory sure is sweet, whether it's by one or by fifty.


26 November 2009

Iron Bowl Eve

Tomorrow is the Alabama-Auburn game, better known as the Iron Bowl. For many years, this game was played in Birmingham with the ticket allotment split evenly. Because of Birmingham's reputation as a steel mill city (often referred to in tha past as the Pittsburgh of the South), the game became known as the Iron Bowl.

In 1989, the game was moved to Auburn for the first time. (I don't think it had been played in Auburn before, but I could be wrong.) In 2000, the game was played for the first time in about 100 years in Tuscloosa. The University had a contract with the city of Birmingham, so we continued to play our home games there after Auburn began playing at Jordan-Hare. (For those of you not from the South and the Southeastern Conference, this Jordan is pronounced Jurdan for some reason.) Since the game is no longer played in Birmingham, I really don't consider it the Iron Bowl any longer.

This will be the first year since 1992 that the game hasn't been played on a Saturday. 1992 was Bama's last national championship title. Everyone from the Bama Nation is hoping that this will be a repeat of that year. :)

Even though Bama is undefeated and Auburn has a 7-5 record, I am SO nervous. I know that there is nothing that the auburn players and fans would like more than to hand is our only defeat of the regular season. I THINK Bama will win, but one can never be sure.

We're going to watch the game with Danny & Linda and I'm not sure who else. Hopefully, they won't send me outside to watch it through the windows. LOL. Since they sit beside us at every home game, they KNOW how serious I take me football.

Guess that's about it. Gotta go finish watching the Longhorns and the Aggies. (GO AGGIES!!). I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and

ROLL TIDE! Give 'em hell Alabama!

25 November 2009


Without a doubt, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It isn't that I don't love Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or the 4th of July, but Thanksgiving is really about the only holiday that isn't so overly commercialized. Thanksgiving isn't about getting or giving gifts; it's about being thankful for all of the blessings in our lives. It is about getting together with family & friends and simply enjoying their company.

I love Easter and Christmas because of their significance in my life as a Christian, but be honest...in today's society, so much of those holidays revolves around the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and "what am I going to get." Even among Christians.

We'll be spending tomorrow with family, and I know that as I look around the room, I will be filled with so much love and thankfulness because God allowed me to share my life with them.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Look around you and notice those little things that we so often take for granted.

God bless you, and I love you!

17 November 2009


Yes, I am still alive and kicking, but wow...we have been on the go, and when we haven't been, I've been dog tired. Plus, we are STILL have computer issues. ARGH!!!

We ended up taking the desktop back to the Geek Squad because the internet just randomly stopped working one day when I was online. Nothing I could do would get it back, and I really didn't feel like spending two hours on the phone with AT&T for them to tell me that there wasn't anything they could do. I had already been that route a couple of times since the power surge in July.

The Geek Squad said they were going to have to send the computer to the service center. Sure, no problem. Just find out what the problem is so we can fix it. A couple of weeks later, they called back to give us the news...the motherboard was messed up, and it was going to be $637 to replace it. Nope, ain't happenin'. When I went to pick it up, I asked why it was going to be so much. I may not know a ton about computers, but I do know that a motherboard is NOT that expensive. Apparently, they will only use HP products, and since the service center doesn't keep items in stock, we would have to pay the shipping for the new one, as well as the labor for the installation. So...we just picked it up, and John took it to the computer guy at the hospital. He hasn't done anything with it yet, so we're computerless. I was taking the laptop home, but John decided to disconnect all of the lines until the desktop is repaired. I hate to tell him that he is about to have to reconnect everything because research papers are due Friday, and I'll need internet access to check for plagiarism.

Yeah...the DRP (Dreaded Research Paper) has been on the agenda for the last five weeks. Friday is it, though. All of those wonderful papers will be turned in. I told my students yesterday that I will be available every afternoon this week (except Friday, of course) until 4:30 for one-on-one help. One student signed up to see me yesterday, and I'm waiting on the one who signed up for today. TWO STUDENTS OUT OF 60!!! I think there are two signed up for tomorrow. Naturally, all of the slots for Thursday filled up immediately. WHY do they wait until the last minute?????? How many times have I given them the "you never know what might happen unexpectedly if you wait" spiel??? Dozens. And how many times have I had a student come in to say, "Um...Mrs. Vest, you know how you told us not to wait until the last minute because something might go wrong? Well, last night my __________." (Fill in the blank: computer crashed, printer ran out of ink and Wal-Mart didn't have any more, etc.) Sadly, at least one student per class each semester. The English department policy is that we will take the papers late, but there is a 50 point PER DAY (or fraction of a day) deduction. That is a full letter grade, and those are usually the ones who cannot afford to lose half a letter grade, much less a full letter grade. Even though the senior papers are due Friday, I'm not finished with research. My juniors spent class in the library today. Yeaaaa.....

Other than that, Bama football is still rocking along. Still undefeated and headed back to Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game against Florida. John and I are going to the game with Tim and Susan. When Bama played Florida for the SEC Championship in 1999, we all went and we DOMINATED the Gators. We're hoping for a repeat this year. Same people a decade later. I really think that Bama can will. Will they? That remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Bama in Pasadena for the NC game. (At least I'm hoping!!!!)

John is at the lake this week, so it's just the pups and me. We got Ron's old walkway and swim deck, but we had to replace the stryofoam with encapsulated floats and the walkway needs sanding and painting. John and Ron got the floats under it yesterday. That was the biggest project, but John is hoping to get a few other projects done. I hope he gets to have a couple of days to just relax. He works SO hard, so he deserves it. :) I do miss him TERRIBLY though!

I know there has been a lot happen since I posted last, but I think I've said enough today, and it's about time for Samantha to be here. Actually, she is about five minutes late. Looks like she will be a no show. The senior counselor and the assistant admin for the seniors KNOW that I have made this opportunity available, so none of them have an excuse for not getting help.

Have a GREAT week, and maybe I'll be connected at home again soon! (I'm really NOT supposed to be on at work. Maybe I won't get in trouble. It isn't like I'm taking away from the education of my students.)

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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