26 November 2009

Iron Bowl Eve

Tomorrow is the Alabama-Auburn game, better known as the Iron Bowl. For many years, this game was played in Birmingham with the ticket allotment split evenly. Because of Birmingham's reputation as a steel mill city (often referred to in tha past as the Pittsburgh of the South), the game became known as the Iron Bowl.

In 1989, the game was moved to Auburn for the first time. (I don't think it had been played in Auburn before, but I could be wrong.) In 2000, the game was played for the first time in about 100 years in Tuscloosa. The University had a contract with the city of Birmingham, so we continued to play our home games there after Auburn began playing at Jordan-Hare. (For those of you not from the South and the Southeastern Conference, this Jordan is pronounced Jurdan for some reason.) Since the game is no longer played in Birmingham, I really don't consider it the Iron Bowl any longer.

This will be the first year since 1992 that the game hasn't been played on a Saturday. 1992 was Bama's last national championship title. Everyone from the Bama Nation is hoping that this will be a repeat of that year. :)

Even though Bama is undefeated and Auburn has a 7-5 record, I am SO nervous. I know that there is nothing that the auburn players and fans would like more than to hand is our only defeat of the regular season. I THINK Bama will win, but one can never be sure.

We're going to watch the game with Danny & Linda and I'm not sure who else. Hopefully, they won't send me outside to watch it through the windows. LOL. Since they sit beside us at every home game, they KNOW how serious I take me football.

Guess that's about it. Gotta go finish watching the Longhorns and the Aggies. (GO AGGIES!!). I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and

ROLL TIDE! Give 'em hell Alabama!

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