10 January 2009

Double date

I think this is "catch up on blog posts" day since this is my third post of the day. :)

Jess and Lance came over this evening and the four of us went to Provino's for dinner. Yum! Provino's is my favorite restaurant of all time, so when Jess suggested it, I was excited. We had met Lance only the one time at the Alabama-Auburn game, but it seems like we've known him forever. He is a super nice guy, he is easy to talk to, and best of all, he treats Jessi really well. They seem very comfortable with each other. He seems to love her pups, too. I'm thinking we may be seeing quite a bit more of him.

Jessi took my car back with her, too. Her car needs to have the transmission flushed and all that good stuff. John is going to take it to the place that does work on his car. This means I get to drive his truck until she gets her car back. Woo Hoo!! In case you missed it in my other post, I love driving trucks! I told her I offered to let her drive my car JUST so I could drive the truck. hahahaha

It's almost 10:30, so I'm going to call it a night. I promise NOT to post again today. LOL

Have a GREAT night!

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