27 January 2009

Bunco Night!

Yea for Bunco Night! This is one night that John knows not to plan anything for us to do. I will miss Bunco for a limited number of things, but it has to be something really, really important or beyond my control. I missed playing in June because I was in Tuscaloosa for a week-long institute (beyond my control), and then I missed playing in October because John and I took Jess out for her birthday dinner (really, really important.)

All of the regular players in our group are current or retired teachers. You'd think that when you get a bunch of teachers together, all we'd talk about is school, but it isn't. That does occasionally come up, but we have many other interests in common. The really neat thing is that there are a couple of ladies who are old enough that they could almost be my mother, and then there are a couple of the subs who are young enough that they could almost be my daughters! I love having friends from all age ranges. There is so much to be learned from the older ladies, and I'm at an age where I can share my experiences with the younger ones.

It's almost time for me to leave, so I guess I should go. Maybe I'll have the most BIG BUNCOs and come home with some cash!!! Have a GREAT evening!


tammy said...

Good luck! I heart bunco. It really is the best time ever.

lagirl said...

I've played Bunko "forever". The friendships I've found through this silly/fun game are amazing...I seldome miss a monthly Bunko Night. It's a great source for new recipes, gossip and encouragement. And yes, it does span all ages. Guess it's just a "Girl Thang"!

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