11 January 2009

Lazy afternoon

I love lazy afternoons--those days when you can just veg out on the couch with either a good book or an old movie. If you fall asleep, it's no big deal. And today is one of those perfect kind of days. It's all gloomy and COLD outside, so I have no desire to be anywhere other than in my cozy, warm house.

I have a pot of soup on simmering, and it smells delicious. I know that in about an hour it will taste delicious, too. John is snoozing in his recliner with Bama snuggled up next to him, and I'm sitting here on the love seat doing one of my favorite things--blogging--with Ali snuggled up behind me. I had my nap a little while ago.

Sure, I have things that I could be doing, but those things will be here tomorrow or the next day or the next day. There is nothing that HAS to be done right now, except put clothes in the dryer.

One thing that would be perfect right now would be a nice hot mug of spiced tea. I think I'll go fix one and settle down with my book.

Have a GREAT Sunday afternoon and Monday.


Tracy said...

Glad you had a nice lazy day ... they are so wonderful sometimes, especially when the weather is cold and gloomy like it's been today.

Mary Moore said...

That's the BEST kid of day you could have. Love it.

♥georgie♥ said...

Oh sounds like a wonderful Sunday!!!

tammy said...

Oh I love those type of days too!

Belle's Blog said...

Sounds lovely! I hate when it is so hot, but I am so ready for a little sunshine and short sleeve weather. Have a blessed week!

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