10 January 2009

Another Bobo has died

One of the first toys I got Bama when he was a puppy was a Bobo--the same kind of toy that the dachshund had in the PetsMart commercial from a few years back. Well, Bama LOVES his Bobos, and he would probably still have that very first one except for the fact that it had kind of gotten pretty nasty. Even after washing it, it was still better off being thrown away. I always get him and Ali new Bobos a couple of times a year--birthdays and Christmas usually.

Bama has never been much of a stuffed-animal killer. He has killed one or two but NEVER his Bobo, with the exception of a twill-like one I got them last summer. I think he saw it as an impostor since it wasn't the fuzzy kind. As a matter of fact, when Bama is ready to snuggle up with John or me, he usually goes and gets the little Bobo and brings it with him. He will lay with his head resting on. Ali, however, has killed four Bobos (or at least four is all I can think of right now.) We'll come in to find stuffing all over the den floor, and we know to look for a hole in one of them.

The latest Bobo to come to this untimely demise was the pink hula girl Bobo I had gotten her for her birthday. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. What I've discovered is that the bigger they are, the less life they can expect. They have a little basketball Bobo at the lake that has lasted for close to two years. They also have a little Santa Bobo here that Bama got for his first Christmas two years ago. NOTE TO SELF: ONLY BUY LITTLE BOBOS FROM NOW ON...

These are two of the Bobos which met their untimely death at the mouth of Ali. They are now in the trash instead of the toy box. (Yes, my dogs have their own toy box!)

1 comment:

Mary Moore said...

Our dog kills all.

And he shares the toybox with the kids. What's theirs is his...

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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