27 September 2008

Who will be #1?

It may not be Alabama, but I know who it won't be! #1 USC lost Thursday night, Ole Miss beat #4 Florida today in The Swamp, and Bama beat #5 Georgia!!! The Bama Nation is ecstatic tonight. I'm really going to love going in to work on Monday wearing my red. I won't say anything (because I'm not obnoxious), but I'll just look at all those Auburn fans who told me repeatedly that Bama was going to lose, and I'll give them a really big smile.

Kristen came over at the half to watch the rest of the game with us. She and I are REALLY a LOT alike. Several times, we would say the exact same thing at the exact same time. You know what they say about great minds...The second half did have us worried. Georgia came out ready to play, and Bama had some mental mistakes, but fortunately we were able to hold them off. Two years ago, that certainly would not have happened. We would have ended up losing a heart breaker in the last minutes.

Is Bama BACK? Who knows, but I feel very good in saying that I'm sure we are on the way. The only real challenges I see ahead of us are LSU and Auburn. That isn't to say that the other games will be cakewalks. The way this year has gone in the world of college football, no game can be considered a cakewalk.

I had to go to Camp ASCCA, Dadeville Campus, for a Junior Civitan District meeting this morning, and John went over to Columbus to LensCrafters to get new glasses Dang! Glasses are expensive!! He got new lenses for his sunglasses and a completely new pair of regular classes, and it was over $600, and that was with 50% off his lenses. His last pair did last two years, though.

I didn't get to see any of Game Day since I was out at the camp. As soon as I got home and got done what I needed to get done, I fired up the laptop and saw that Corso picked Bama. Nooooo!!!!! It seems like every time Lee picks Bama, we lose. Of course, we used to hate for Game Day to be at a Bama game, but we won with Game Day at the Clemson game. There is also the SI cover curse, but after Glen Coffee was on the cover the week after the Clemson game, we still won that weekend. It looks like maybe the Corso Curse is over, too.

John didn't get home until halftime of the Auburn-Tennessee game, but he said he was listening to the first half. We were talking about this game last night, and I asked who he wanted to win. He said he really wanted to see both of them lose. (OH MY GOODNESS!! How totally obnoxious is THAT?? hahaha This will be a joke with us for the rest of our lives.) The vaunted Auburn offense under Tony Franklin has been less than stellar. We've seen just two Auburn games. Not much offense was generated in either game. Auburn has always been such a good running team--they've been called Running Back U. on more than one occasion--I really don't understand why Tuberville chose to change to the spread O. Both offenses truly stunk it up today. Auburn was actually lucky to come out with a win. Had it not been for a fumble recovery in the end zone, they would've lost again this week.

Jessi had planned on coming over this weekend, but she ended up getting tickets to the Auburn game from one of her agents, so she went to that instead. I can't blame her--I understand completely. :) I sent her a text today to see if she had fun. She said she did even though they didn't play very well.

I guess that's about it for today. I'm really exhausted and need to go to bed, but I think I'll probably have a hard time going right to sleep.

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