22 September 2008

More new technology :)

We now have our tablet PCs to go with our new stuff, so I have something new to play with over the next few days. Since it's a MUCH better PC than the ones the English dept. got with our textbooks, I'll be moving files over to it and using it for all of my classroom stuff. I'll have the other two available for student use, though. That will be really nice, especially next term when we begin the research process. The only bad part is that there are only two laptops that will be available for students, and I have 30 students in one class, 31 in another, and 29 in the third.

I'm really loving having all this stuff. I've started getting my notes put into PowerPoint presentations. My plan is to get the rest of this term done as I go, and then I hope to get a lot of next term done over the fall break. Over Christmas break, I'll catch up on what we've already covered this term. If I can do all that, then I'll have everything on PP for next semester. Phillip has shown me a lot of his lessons and notes he uses for history, and I've been SOOO envious. Now I get to do the same with for my English classes. Yea!!!

My seniors have a project due next Monday on a pilgrim from The Canterbury Tales. In the past, one aspect of the project has been a poster. I've told them this time that they can do either a poster or a PowerPoint. For the senior and junior research projects, they will be required to do a PowerPoint in addition to the paper.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to get out my new laptop and PLAY. Have a GREAT day!

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