14 September 2008

"It brings tears to my eyes"

Denny Chimes

At the game last night, there was an older gentleman sitting next to me. When the Million Dollar Band played the national anthem during the pre-game, I almost stopped singing just so I could listen to him. He had one of the most gorgeous voices I have ever heard. Once the anthem was over, I told him so.

We began talking and he told me that he has been following Alabama football since the 40s, but this was the first game he's been to since 1992. He then said something that many people don't "get." He said, "I just can't help it, but every time I hear 'Yea Alabama' I get tears in my eyes." Right then, I knew that this was a man who loves the University of Alabama and everything about it. It's more than just football. It is the rich history and tradition of Alabama that goes back to 1831. It is the hundreds of thousands of alumni who have made huge contributions throughout our state, our country, and our world. It is the hundreds of thousands of future alumni who will do the same. So many people think "Alabama" and they think football, but UA is more than that--much more. To use a Harley-Davidson quote: "If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand."

Now, about the game...THAT is the way an Alabama team is supposed to beat a team like WKU. Hopefully, Coach Saban's comments about those who don't put forth effort will be demoted to the scout team and then they'll be out the door opened some eyes. There was no reason for us to have played so poorly against Tulane. We were lucky to come out of that with a win. It will be interesting to see how we do this weekend against Arkansas. With their game against Texas being postponed, they will have had extra time to prepare. A good thing? A bad thing? I guess we'll see on Saturday.

This is kind of off the subject, but what about that auburn score? 3 - 2 is a baseball score. It doesn't appear as if the much-anticipated new offense is doing so well. It is still early in the season, and the Tigers still have time to make improvements, but based on the stats I saw from last night, I'm going to predict a Tiger win Saturday--an LSU Tiger win. For the last few years, the winner of this game has been the SEC Western division winner, and the game this year was supposed to be the same. Again, I guess we'll see on Saturday.

I hope everybody has a great week. We're all on the countdown at work--only three weeks until fall break. Yea!

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Ms. Marty said...

I think I know a little how the man felt even though I am not an Alabama graduate. The few times I have been to a Bama game (thanks to you) I have had that same feeling especially when the Million Dollar Band would start through the tunnel with the sound of those drums. How can anyone stand in Bryant-Denny Stadium and not be moved by the enthusiasm that runs rampant there? I guess it is one of those "have to be there" things. And it is true there is a LOT more to Alabama than athletics. Some people just don't want to see that.

And what a multi-faceted daughter I have!! You can talk football with the best of them and turn around in the next sentence and start on the monarchy of England from long ago. I can't hold a viable conversation on either subject.

Hope you and the class are through honking. It is a terrible feeling. Fall break won't come too soon, will it?

Have a good day, week.

Love you,


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