11 September 2008

It's Friday eve!

And boy am I glad. :) Because of Open House Tuesday night, this week has seemed forever long. I had a pretty good turn out for my classes. The sad thing is that most of the parents who were there are the parents of the GOOD kids. I mean, that's a good thing because it shows that those parents really care about their children and their education, but it's sad that there aren't more parents who care. A lot of the problems in education would go away if more parents showed an active interest in their children. I do realize that some parents aren't able to come for a variety of reasons, but there are some who NEVER come for anything, and that is sad.

Wednesday afternoon, I stayed after school until about 6 so that Samantha could bounce some ideas off of me. I try to make her feel better by telling her that I remember all of those first year frustrations and that I still feel them sometimes, but when you're overwhelmed, there is very little that anyone can say to ease those feelings. She did feel much better after she got the rest of this term planned out. I think having a week off soon will help. It will me, anyway. :)

I didn't leave work until 5:30 today because I had to type the test for my seniors tomorrow. Having new books is great, but it's also a pain. I always have a class set of tests instead of having students write on the test itself. Saves on paper and easier to grade without having to flip page after page after page. Even though our new books are by the same company as the old ones, there is some new information in them, so the old tests won't work. One of our goodies was a test generator, which is GREAT, but there are questions that I add myself.

So, 8:00 Tuesday night, 6:00 last night, and 5:30 tonight and getting there by 6:45-6:50 every morning...I'm ready for the weekend.

We aren't going to the game Saturday. Or at least that's the plan right now. John thought he had someone who wanted the tickets, but it turns out they didn't want them or they couldn't go or something. From what I've heard about the pay-per-view broadcast of last week's game, I don't think we'll even get it. I'd rather listen to Eli and Tom anyway. :)

That's about it for now. Have a GREAT FRIDAY tomorrow!

1 comment:

Ms. Marty said...

You have had a long week. That just shows that you are dedicated to your career and the future of those young people. Good girl.
Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to Eli calling an Alabama game. How does he keep from stroking out is beyond me. My friend, Carla, will turn the TV on, cut the sound off and then tune the radio to Eli's broadcast. She said that way she gets the best of both worlds.
I am about to get ready for "work." Since I didn't work last Friday it seems like years since I've been there and I truly miss it. Pat and I are going to the fall conference next month in Guntersville. I am real excited about that since I've never been. All I have to do is share the room expenses with Pat. Since I am on the board, and thanks to one of the executive memebers choosing not to go, my reservation is paid by the volunteers. Sunday to Wednesday. I think I can handle that.
Have a good last day of the week and enjoy your week end.

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