19 September 2008

Kicked out of my room

I've been kicked out of my room during my planning today. This is the math day for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. We use the 9th-grade building for all of the fall testing, and since there are more students who test on the math day, more teachers in that building are displaced. There are more students taking the math portion because all 9th graders who took and passed Algebra 1 at the middle school take the test this time.

I'm having to supervise a class for one of the other teachers. Those teachers who have first block planning have the distinct honor of either administrating or proctoring the exam. (Please note that there is a ton of sarcasm in that previous statement.) I have it SO hard right now. I'm covering the ACT Prep class. These are, without a doubt, some of the WORST kids in the school. (Again, tons of sarcasm.) If I have to lose my planning, at least I have a great group of kids to supervise.

I brought my laptop down with me, so I have been productive. I did a PowerPoint for the next author and story that we'll be reading in English 11. I'm about to go to wikispaces and work on creating a wiki for my classes. Laura G., our AWESOME Media Arts teacher, is going to help me really get it going--whenever we don't have something taking us away from our planning. (Thanks, Laura!! And, I'll try to get the bookcase cleaned off for you by Monday.)

We've decided not to go to the lake this weekend. John said that with the Bama game being at 11:30 and the Auburn game being at 6:45, we'd end up being a lot less productive than we planned. He suggested just going next weekend, but I have a Junior Civitan district meeting to go to, and I really hate to not go to it.

Since we aren't going north, I may suggest Red Lobster this weekend. I've got a craving for crab legs. YUM! We could go to Auburn tomorrow night about 6:30 and probably be seated right away and we should have excellent service since many people will be at the game or at home watching it. We'd still be home in time to see at least the second half.

That's about it for now. Sharon just popped by about a form for BBSST. We want to make some corrections to it, and she asked if I would make sure all the grammatical parts were correct. I can whip this out in just a bit. Have a GREAT weekend! I hope I've given you something to smile or laugh about. ;)

ROLL TIDE!!!! And I also have to say GEAUX TIGERS!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Trina! Have a great weekend! :)

Laura G.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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