12 September 2008

Well I feel like crap

I got up this morning, and everything was great. I got ready for work, got here, and copied my tests for today. So far, so good.

During 2nd block, we had the first BBSST (that's Building Based Student Support Team) meeting for the seniors. Lisa was excited because we got through more BBSST referrals than any other grade. Woo Hoo us! :)

During the meeting, my head started stopping up. OK--not fun. By the time the middle of 3rd block had gotten here, I was sneezing, I couldn't breathe, and my head was hurting. It's just gotten worse as 4th block has dragged on. Now, I would really like it if someone would just knock me out. Thank goodness the bell will be ringing in about 10 minutes. :)

Yes, I'm blogging during the school day. All of my classes were testing today, so I've been working on Power Point presentations. They got our ceiling-mounted LCD projectors, the screens, the ELMOs, and the DVD/VCR players installed, so now I can actually use the presentations I've done. Yea!

Since it is so close to time for the bell, I'm going to stop blogging, pack up my laptop, and shut down my desktop because when the bell rings, I'm not going to be far behind the kids!

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Ms. Marty said...

I am so sorry you feel so bad. I was hoping that you would be able to get through this fall without any problems, but it looks like not. At least it is the week end and maybe you can get over it before Monday. If you need me just call out.

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