17 September 2008

An update about Jessi :(

Jessi sent me a text message today to tell us that she and Randy have decided to file the papers for their divorce. They've been separated for quite a while now, but they just now decided to file. Finding out they were separated made John and me so sad for her because we really and truly thought she and Randy were a perfect match, but there was a side of Randy that we never saw.

Jess is a very strong, resilient young lady (just like her dad.) Although I've never experienced divorce myself, I have many friends who have. I know that just having friends who are divorced doesn't make me an expert, but I know that all of them who are strong and resilient, like Jessi, have ended up much happier than they ever thought possible. The same is true for Jessi. She is going to find that person who truly is a perfect match for her, and she will experience happiness like she has never known.

Jess, I'm not sure you'll see this, but just know that your dad and I love you bunches and we're here anytime you need anything!

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Ms. Marty said...

You know your Dad and I thought a lot of Randy, but this decision had to be made only by Jessi and Randy. Yes, divorce is hard. I know first hand as does your Dad. You know I think we both came out better people for it and the best part (if there is such a thing) is that both of our ex-mates and we are on friendly terms. That makes things so much better for everyone.

When you talk to Jessi again tell her Grandma loves her and if she needs me just call, text, write or whatever.

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