07 September 2008

What a "guggy" win and other stuff

OK--let me explain my use of the word guggy. When John and I first moved to Dadeville, Becky, Jeff, and Jessica were our neighbors. In October of '94, Becky had Ben. Yep, he's almost 14! When he started talking and putting together sentences, when he would say "ugly" it came out sounding like "guggy" so anytime John and I talked about something being really ugly, we say it's guggy. And the win yesterday was definitely guggy!

What happened to the team who dominated Clemson just a week ago? Was it the hang-over effect from all of the hype surrounding that win? Was it the fact that we were missing Andre Smith and Marlon Davis from the offensive line and Earl Alexander as a receiver? Was last week just a fluke? I don't know, but I'm sure the coaches and the team will try to find out what it was in the week to come.

Thank goodness for special teams because without them, the score would've been 7 to 6. Personally, I don't care if we win by just one point as long as we win, but I much prefer those wins that are decided early on and don't leave us all holding our breath until the last second has ticked off the clock.

Javi looked awesome all night long, so when he took his hit and was out for the rest of the night, we were all worried. Coach Saban said he should be back for next week, so hopefully it wasn't anything that will have long-term effects I hate to see outstanding players who have to give up their football careers due to concussions, but health definitely comes before football. Leigh going into the locker room before the end of the first quarter was scary, too, especially since Corey Smith, the backup kicker, is a freshman and that showed. I have faith that he will improve. No doubt he was experiencing loads of nerves as he went out for his first kick. Thank goodness, too, for the defense who were able to do enough to prevent Tulane from scoring.

We had most of the "regulars" in our section back, and it was great to see them. Janie and Mike were there with their son Wade. He's 6, and this was his first Bama game to see in person. He is an absolute cutie patootie! No way can Mike deny this child is his. :)

The rest of this post is off the subject of football.

Tim called earlier today to see if we wanted to go out with them on their boat. Uh, heck yeah! We met them at Blue Creek about lunch time. We were out for about 4 hours, and I'm just a touch red, but I really don't care. Almost all of my tan has faded. We had a great time with them, as we always do. We are so blessed and so fortunate to have such wonderful friends.

Speaking of being blessed...On the way to the game yesterday, John and I were talking about how blessed we have been in our life together. In addition to having wonderful family and friends who provide so many blessings to us and having good health, we both have good jobs that we enjoy, we have a home that is almost paid for, we have been able to fulfill our dream of buying a place at the lake, and we are able to do most of the things that we want to do. Shortly after I posted about his "new" car (which is 9 years old by the way) I saw a comment about how people who aren't happy just go buy more "things" to try to make themselves happy. I was telling him about this comment, and he laughed. He told me that the next time I posted on here, I should quote him on this, so I am. John said, "I am so damn happy, I think I'm going to go buy more things."

See, anyone who thinks John and I are unhappy has no idea about our life and he or she should really just keep any thoughts about our life to himself or herself. There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't laughing about something. We find joy and happiness in the simple things of life. If we felt that we needed "things" to make us happy, we wouldn't have bought a semi-run down trailer at the lake. We would have spent two or three hundred thousand to buy something much nicer. Instead of him buying a car that is almost 10 years old (to replace the one with over 200,000 miles on it), he would've gone out and bought a brand-new car.

This is going to be a long week. I'm planning on going to get a pedicure tomorrow (yeah, that's sounds REAL hard) but we have Open House Tuesday night. By the time Wednesday gets here, I'll feel like I've spent an entire week at the school. I have meetings during my planning both Thursday and Friday, so that means spending longer at work after work to make up for the time I'll miss during planning. The meeting Thursday probably won't take long, but the one Friday probably will. I'm on the BBSST committee for the seniors, and that's the day of the first meeting about the senior referrals.

I'm seeing a day off REALLY soon, but between meetings and just not feeling like I can find a good day to miss my classes, I cannot find a good time. Anytime I have a good time to miss English 11, it isn't a good time to miss English 12, and vice versa. I guess I'll just have to take one no matter what. We're getting close to fall break, but I've got a couple of things that I really need to take care of before October.

People who aren't in education often don't realize how hard it is to take off. When John needs a day off, he takes one. He doesn't have to write out detailed plans for someone to follow so that they can make sure his employees are doing their jobs. Sure, there are things he has to take care of before taking off, and there are things to follow up on after he gets back, but no one can make me believe it is as much of a hassle to miss for him as it is for me! TEACHING isn't a hassle, but planning for a sub certainly is! Ask any teacher and he or she will say it's usually easier to just go to work than to be out.

OK--I guess that's enough of my rant. hahaha I'm about to make a sammich 'cause being out on the lake has made me hungry! Have a GREAT week. :)

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Ms. Marty said...

Very interesting read. I, too, thought Bama was a little on the drab side, but they were in the W column and besides that, Coach Sabin will get their attention come today.
I saw a statement in a book once that went like this, "If you can't annoy somebody with what you wite, I think there's little point in writing." It was a quote by Kingsley Amis. That is something we should all think about when we are posting to our blog, writing letters, or anything in written form.
Got to go. Bunches to do today.

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