24 September 2008

Isn't this weather great?

I am so loving this weather! These nice, brisk fall mornings feel so good. When I leave work in the afternoon, it isn't so hot and humid that I feel like I'll melt the second I walk outside, and the evenings are just perfect.

John turned the AC off about a week ago, so we've been keeping the doors open. We would sleep with them open, but Ali and Bama have a tendency to bark at any and everything that moves outside. We could let them sleep with us to keep them from barking, but that really isn't an option. (Who would ever guess that a 15 pound rat terrier and a 6 pound rat terrier could completely disrupt our sleep?) So, if we want any sleep at all, both the bedroom door (to keep the dogs out of the bedroom) and the back door (to keep them from barking) have to be closed.

Summer is my favorite season, but I love it when the weather begins to cool down in the fall and then when it begins to warm up in the spring. I would be perfectly happy if I lived in a place where the temps never got below 50 or above 90 or 95. :)

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