03 November 2008

"The Tide is High"

Remember this song by Blondie from 1980?

1980 was the last time that Bama was ranked number 1 during the regular season. (They ended the '92 season ranked number 1 and national champs.) When I was in high school, THE radio station to listen to was WKXX, Kicks 106. One Friday afternoon, the DJ locked himself in the studio and played "The Tide is High" over and over and over. And over. (I remember it was a Friday because I was getting ready for our high school football game.) For the first time in 28 years, Bama is ranked number 1 during the regular season. I would really have rather stayed at number 2 for another couple of weeks, but it is exciting.

Saturday will be Coach Saban's first trip back to Tiger Stadium as a coach since he left for the NFL. The Bengal Tigers were none too happy when he re-entered the college ranks at Alabama. It might not have been so bad had he gone to another conference, but to go back to the SEC West to coach a team that they have to play year in and year out didn't set well with many fans. Because of that, they were already baited for bear, but with us having a number 1 ranking, they will be even more motivated to beat us. Everybody wants to be the team to knock the number 1 team out of that spot. Of course, our guys have tons of motivation as well. Beating LSU will put us in the SECCG for the first time in nine years, and a win there could mean a spot in the national championship game. There are still several games to go, though.

We were in Hartselle this weekend. John cleaned up the boat Saturday morning while I ran a couple of errands. I had to go by Buzzy's to get a pin put in John's watch and to finally get the slide he made for my bracelet. After John got finished with the boat and got cleaned up, we went over to Danny and Linda's to watch the game with them and Chris and Trisha.

Amy and Allen took Will and Maggie to the game. She sent me pictures of them--so cute!! (The Vest family has the cutest babies in the entire world!) I had an email from Amy this morning. She said that Will was explaining everything to Maggie. :) He is such a good big brother!

This is going to be a short week for me. Actually, the next four weeks will be short weeks for me. :) Susan and I decided that we wanted to do something special for Misty after her dad passed away. We thought she might enjoy a day of pampering on us, so we're having a Girls' Day Friday. I SO can't wait! Next week, we'll be out on Tuesday for Veteran's Day. I don't plan on getting out of my jammies. The next week is my doctor's appointment--what fun. And then it's Thanksgiving, so we'll be out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I guess I better go. My kiddos have finished up their assignment, and it's almost time for the bell. Have a GREAT week!!

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Ms. Marty said...

True enough. LSU is probably so waiting for Saturday. I just hope that when the final zeroes show on the time clock the win column says Alabama. Bama should be just as fired up since they are ranked #1 and almost every #1 team this year has been knocked off. It may even be all the #1 teams. Reason #1 not letting LSU win. Reason #2 is Coach Sabin. The team, I'm sure, would love to give him a big W down there. Reason #3 could be that St. Nick just doesn't like to lose.

I am glad you and Susan and Misty are getting together. You girls need more days to get together. Have fun.

Any Thanksgiving plans as of yet? We are waiting to see what goes on around here, if you get my drift.

Got to go. I have to work tomorrow after ladies class and I need to press my smock.

Have a great week.

Love, Mom

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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