17 November 2008

Long day

I had my yearly doctor's appointment today in Birmingham. I was supposed to have gone in July, but it was the same week that I had to start back to work. I decided I'd go during fall break. Turns out that by the time I called to make the appointment, today was the earliest available appointment. I usually try to make them for late morning so that I have the rest of the afternoon to "play" but 2:30 was the earliest one they had.

I left home about 10 so that I could stop by to see Katy and Sam before I went to the doctor. Phillip was home, too, but I only saw him for a minute. Poor thing had a tooth that was bothering him, so he went to the dentist this morning, and they sent him for a root canal this afternoon. When I got there, he was resting, but he got up just before I left. The whole right side of his face was so swollen, and it was very easy to see that he felt miserable. He didn't have that twinkle in his eyes that he usually has.

Sam was his usual happy self. He is the happiest baby ever. He just laughs and smiles all the time. And his eyes...they are the most beautiful blue--a gorgeous sky blue. I fed him his green beans before I left. He loves to eat. :) I tried to get John to go with me. He could've played with Sam while I was gone to the doctor, but he couldn't take off. So I took some pics of Sam on my phone and emailed them to him.

It's a good thing I went by to see Phillip, Katy, and Sam before my appointment because by the time I got finished at the doctor's office and dealt with traffic, I was wiped out.

My first appointment was at 1:30--right in and right out. The second one (at 2:15) is a different story. The first thing I saw as I walked into the office was that D. Hudson was on call. Great. It seems like I always end up with my appointments on his on-call days. I didn't get called back until 3:00, and then as I sat there in my birthday suit covered up with a paper picnic table cloth, they announced that Dr. Hudson had been called to labor and delivery and there would be an approximate 15 minute wait. Now, don't get me wrong--I certainly don't mind having to wait while a mommy and daddy are welcoming their new little one into the world. I DO hate sitting there, freezing my butt off, though. At least give me a nice warm blanket INSTEAD of a paper sheet. I know, I know...the picnic table cloths are probably cheaper, but still... I didn't leave the office until after 4--almost two hours after my appointment.

Then the REAL fun began--Birmingham traffic. I know that every single person who was at St. Vincent's must have been leaving at 4:00. Once I finally got out of the parking deck, I went the back way out. Got to University Blvd. and turned the WRONG WAY! The second I turned I realized what I had done. No biggie--I decided to go up through 5 Points. Nope...road work. ARGH! If I had to live and drive in that, I would go nuts.

Susan and I were meeting for dinner at Macaroni Grill. Since I didn't have lunch, I was STARVED by the time I got there.

Since my original plans had gotten messed up by the wait at the doctor's office, I didn't go by Whole Foods until after dinner. That is the most awesome grocery store I have EVER been in. I would love to go back when I have time to spend looking at everything instead of just rushing in and grabbing the few things I needed. Then, I still had to stop by Target.

I didn't get home until right at 9. As soon as I got in and got settled, the pups snuggled up next to me. Right now, Bama is curled up next to my side, and Ali is snuggled up on the sofa cushion behind me. They won't be quite so loving tomorrow, though. They are getting baths. Not fun for any of us. :)

That's it for now. We're going to finish watching Boston Legal (I love that show!!) and then I'm calling it a night. Have a GREAT day!

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