23 November 2008

Shopping and babies

Connie and I did our shopping day yesterday. Linda and Amy decided not to go since the original plan was to go early. Connie and I ended up not leaving until about 10:15, though.

We went to the Junior League market at BJCC. I like Christmas Village a LOT better, but I did get a couple of Christmas gifts while I was there, so it wasn't a complete loss. After we left there, I sent Katy a text to let her know we were headed over toward the Galleria. She had said that if there wasn't anything going on, she might meet us. She and Phillip were keeping the other Pate kiddos, though, so she said she needed to clean house but for us to come over. Connie and I ate lunch at The Olive Garden (yum) and then did some shopping. I got another Christmas gift taken care of, and I found new black boots for me. Mine are forever old and needed replacing. I need to find a pair of brown ones, too.

I ran into my cousin and her baby and her sister-in-law in the Galleria, too. I haven't seen Mary in forever, so obviously, I hadn't seen her baby. What a beautiful little girl! She has huge brown eyes just like her mommy and tons of dark brown hair. She just smiled and smiled when I talked to her. I could tell that NO ONE ever talks to her. lol (Yes, I'm being sarcastic...)

When we finished up at the Galleria, we headed over to see Phillip, Katy, and Sam. Poor Sam was not in the best of moods. Katy said that he napped only about 30 minutes instead of the close to two hours that he usually naps. Plus, he's getting a new little chomper on the top. Connie and I hadn't been there but just a few minutes when Claire, Ellie, and Jenna got there, so there was a lot of excitement in just a short time, too. He ate and Katy gave him a bath while we were there, and then he was ready to settle down with a bottle, so we left.

When I got back to Billie's, Danny, Linda, Amy, Will, and Maggie were still there, so I got to get some Maggie time, too. She is Will made over! She smiles and coos all the time. I got to snuggle up with her for a while before they left. Amy, Will, Maggie, and Danny came back over today, so I got even more time. I love snuggling with babies! I could just sit and hold them all day long.

Will absolutely loves Maggie to death. He is always kissing her and talking to her. She is a lucky little girl to have such an attentive big brother. He did tell John that we could bring Maggie home with us instead of bringing his Playstation home with us. lol I doubt he would have really let us.

He recited the poem he had to learn for school to me. It was pretty long, but he didn't miss one bit of it. He is very smart, and he is loving school. And he hasn't had to get "it" for stepping foot in the principal's office. hahaha

I'm going to call this post over. My neck is killing me, so I plan on taking a Tylenol PM and calling it a day. I hope everyone has a GREAT week! I'm looking forward to a SHORT work week!!

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