14 November 2008

It's been a busy week

Having Tuesday off really threw me. On Wednesday, I kept asking the kids if they'd had a good weekend. :) By the end of the day, I had finally started to get the day right.

Monday was nothing but go, go, go after being out of Friday. Tuesday was a nice, relaxing day--I didn't get out of jammies all day. I love those days. Wednesday and Thursday were just as busy as Monday. Today has been a little better, but I've spent the majority of my planning getting substitute stuff ready for Monday. (Woo hoo--another day off. Boo hoo--going to the doctor.) At least I will get to sleep a little later Monday, but that means Tuesday will be another go, go, go day.

John's continued with his "obnoxiousness" this week. ;) Remember that last week he did something #1 related because of Bama's ranking? Well, this week he has focused on the number 10--for 10 wins in a row. Monday he did just a "10"; Tuesday he did "diez"; Wednesday, he did "A 10 Row"--he had to explain that one. If you've ever done the Wuzzle Puzzles, then you can figure out that it read "10 in a row". Yesterday he did "X" (Roman numeral...). Today is "Bo Derek." He's such a goofy nut, but that is one thing I love so much about him. I never fail to laugh when he's around.

We're probably going to freeze our ever-loving butts off tomorrow night at the game. With the temp supposed to be in the 40s at kickoff and in the 30s before the game is over...Yeah, I'll be wrapped up. John did find a room, so we won't be driving home at 1 or 2 o'clock Sunday morning. Yippee!!

That does it for today. I've got a couple more quick things I need to do before my seniors come in. Have a GREAT weekend, stay warm, and


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