25 November 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my wonderful mom's birthday!

Mom, I hope your day is absolutely fabulous and that everything is exactly the way you want it.

We love you,
John, Trina, Ali, and Bama :)

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Ms. Marty said...

Thank you very much wonderful daughter. The day has been rather nice. I got to work at the gift shop today. I volunteered to volunteer because of the Alabama-Auburn tailgate sale. For some reason we are running out of Alabama stuff.

I have gotten several birthday cards and a few gifts. One of the favorite cards also had a gift certificate to Cabo San Lucas, my favorite Mexican restaurant. It was from Vicki Stephens, one of my most favorite "sisters."

I am in the process of starting a weight loss program. It is similar to Slim Fast, but is supposed to be much better. We will see.

I hope your Thanksgiving is just perfect. I guess Daddy and I will go out for lunch or I may get industrious and cook (ha, ha, ha) and them we will go see Eddy.

Have a good day and as always, I love You.


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