06 November 2008

Today was my Friday, and what a day it was!

I am so not a morning person--it takes a shower and a cup of coffee before I'm even close to being fully awake. Getting up this morning wasn't as hard as usual though since it was my Friday.

The morning started out pretty good. Nothing unusual or abnormal. Or so I thought. When I got to work, I did my normal stuff--turned on my desktop computer, got the coffee started, set up my laptop. After getting that done, I walked down to the copy room. While I was in there, Ben came in. He told me that the athletic department had been broken in to and that quite a bit had been taken. I haven't heard anything "official" about what was taken, but one of my football players said that TVs, laptops, and video equipment had been taken. Not a quick dash in and dash out job. I really didn't think anything else about it.

The bell rang, and the school day got started as usual. The news of the break-in had gotten around, but it wasn't what everybody was wanting to talk about. About half way through first block, the bell rang for a fire/bomb--not a drill. All of our drills are planned and they are held in the first 5 minutes of the period. On top of that, some of the sophomores were taking the PLAN test. They would not have scheduled a drill with that going on.

Apparently, some idiot called in a bomb threat, so we got a "break" from class for a little over an hour. When we got back into the building, one of my students told me that her "little bird" (Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry??) told her that Horseshoe Bend had an intruder lock down, and later in the day, people were saying Dadeville had a bomb threat, too. Why do people do crap like that? First of all, it is a felony. Second of all, it's just plain idiotic. I guess some people have nothing better to do with their time.

I got my hair done this afternoon, too. It was the first time I've had my color done since August. I was in desperate need of color. I've decided to let my hair grow out again. When I got it cut last time, I really didn't go short, but it was shorter than it had been since Katy and Phillip got engaged. There are times when I really miss my SUPER short hair. It was so easy to wash it, throw a little gel in it, run my fingers through it, and go. I mean, how hard can it be when your hair is only about an inch and a half long? THAT is a short haircut.

John had a disaster drill at work today. They were simulating a plane crash at Wetumpka High School. It didn't start until 5:30, so he isn't even home yet. He said they told them it would probably take a couple of hours, so he may not be home until 8:30 or so.

The pups were SO happy when I got home. They go into "doggy jail" (as John calls it) with no problem, but they can't wait to get out in the afternoon. Ali only stopped kissing me in the last 10 minutes. She is so rotten, that when she wants to be petted, she wants you to pet her with both hands. Her daddy is responsible for that spoiling. :) Right now, both she and Bama are snuggled up in my lap. They'll be excited to get to sleep in a little later in the morning.

I'm meeting Misty at the school about 9:30, and then we're going to Susan's. We really don't have any definite plans. We were going to do some pampering, but we decided to just wing it. That way, if we want to go somewhere for a nice long lunch, we can without having to watch the clock. We have been known to hang out in a restaurant for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. :)

Mom gave me an update on Dingo last night. He has settled in and is doing just fine. She said he eats all the time--and not just hot dogs and hamburger. He hasn't really gained weight, though. Both she and Dad have said that he is never still, so he probably burns off all of the calories he takes in. Mule has decided that having Dingo around isn't so bad either. She said they play ALL the time.

Giz had almost always slept with Mom and Dad, so when Mule came along, he was right there in bed, too. Mom has told me that she really wished she could have gotten them used to sleeping in their own beds. When they got Dingo, she put him in his bed in the bathroom instead of getting him used to sleeping in the big bed. (Mom, I must say that I felt sorry for him. lol) Anyway, earlier this week, when she went to put Dingo to bed, Mule followed her into the bathroom and crawled in the bed and just looked at her. So she went to get the other bed for Dingo. Since then, the two boys have been sleeping together in the bathroom.

I can't wait to see Dingo. It will be interesting to see my two with their two. Bama will probably be the "old fart" of the bunch.

Mom and Dad still miss Gizmo so much. She calls Dingo "Giz" all the time. I remember how hard it was after Elvis died. There was nothing that could make the sadness go away and getting Bama in no way replaced Elvis. This may sound odd to some, but I kind of equate getting Bama (and Mom and Dad getting Dingo) to that mother who miscarries but tries to get pregnant again as soon as the doctor says it is okay. Nothing will replace the baby that she lost, but she makes the choice to try again as soon as possible. Bama could not take Elvis's place, but I made the choice to "try again" as soon as possible, and my parents felt the same way. Getting Dingo was as much or more for Mule, who was grieving in his own little doggy way, as it was for Mom and Dad.

I guess I've gone on long enough. If you've read this far, then let me say that I hope you have a GREAT Friday, a GREAT weekend, and...


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