05 November 2008

Colors of fall

Fall has been here for a while now, but it's been only the last few days that the leaves have really started to change into the beautiful colors of fall. There is a tree that I pass on my way to work that is just gorgeous, and when the sky is that bright blue, the leaves just stand out that much more. I love crossing the lake every afternoon and seeing the reflections in the water.

Grannie always loved the fall, so I always pay special attention to the colors. On Tuesday, it will be 10 years since she passed away. It's so hard to believe that it has been that long. I went through depression for several months after she died. I didn't care about anything, and the things that had made me happy before no longer did. Then, I started having dreams about her. In them, she never said anything, but I knew that everything was okay. After the dreams started, I finally started to come out of my depression, and eventually the dreams stopped. Every once in a while, I'll have one about her, but they are very rare.

While the fall isn't my favorite season, I do love it. I love the cooler days, the bright blue skies, the gorgeous red and yellow leaves...I love that it is a time that makes me feel close to my grandmother because it was a time that she loved.

When you are outside, look around and notice the beauty of God's creation. Stop and thank Him for all that he has done.

Have a GREAT day!

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Ms. Marty said...

We must have the same thing on our minds. Granny has been a constant thought for the last few days - actually since October 18, the day we took her to the hospital and she never came back home.
I never knew you had those dreams of Granny. I am glad you have said that. It makes me feel better. I, too, have had dreams of her and they are so vivid, but that is all I remember. I do miss her but to have her come back and be so pitiful and sad is not an option. Maybe that sounds hard hearted, but I saw daily how sad she was and just not feeling well at all. She was ready to rest.
Thank you again for sharing those most precious thoughts of a lady that meant so much to me - and you.
Love you, Mom

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