16 November 2008

It was COLD!

We got up yesterday about 6:30 so we could leave for T-Town about 9. BD had sent John an email telling him that some of the guys from BD's class were going to stop by the old tailgating spot, so John decided he wanted to go by as well to see some of his old gang. (There were about three different classes that were all really good friends.) We got there about noon, and it was brrrr cold. As long as the wind wasn't blowing, it was bearable, but the wind was blowing more than it wasn't.

We walked over to the quad to get blackened ribeye sandwiches for lunch--yum! I've been craving one of them all season long. Then we went to the SUPE Store tent on the quad. Several years ago, I had gotten a silver elephant ring that I loved. Over the years, though, I wore it until the band was completely worn in two. As we were browsing, I saw another one just like it, so I decided to get it. John found a really nice shirt that he got. For the rest of the afternoon, we just hung around the tailgate spot.

About the time we got back from the quad, Doug, Debbie, Amanda, and Delores walked up. John and Doug graduated together, and Debbie and Delores are sisters. (Delores was married to a guy John went to school with.) When John and I first married, Amanda was just a tiny thing, and now she's almost all grown. That makes me feel SO old. haha A little later, Les Fowler (one of the team docs) came over. There were quite a few memories being shared. :)

After standing for hours, I decided to sit in the car and listen to the last few minutes of the UGA-AU game, and then I was so warm (compared to how I felt when I wasn't sitting in the car), I just stayed until it was time to walk over to the stadium. Besides, I knew that I had at least three hours of standing in the cold. (I don't sit at the games.) By the end of the game, we had basically been out in the windy, cold weather for about 10 hours. Hopefully, neither of us will end up sick.

I love a night game at Bryant-Denney. There is just something about the atmosphere that is so much more electric than a daytime game, and certainly more so than the morning games. Wade was there with his #12 helmet on. He is such a cutie--I could just pinch his cheeks. Janie said they are taking him to the SECCG and doing all the Fan Fare stuff. At 6 years old, he will have a blast.

The game had me kind of worried for the first 2-1/2, 3 quarters. When we got the safety off the blocked punt, I looked at John and the guy next to us and said that was a little too reminiscent of the AU-MSU game. Fortunately, we DID end up scoring a point or two more than Auburn did when they played MSU. (Oh, wait, we ended up scoring 29 more points than AU did...that's my effort at being "an obnoxious Alabama fan" for this week. lol) Javy was the most exciting player of the game. I love watching him break out for an awesome punt/kickoff return.

I think this week off is going to be really good. Our guys have played some hard, physical ball this season. We've been very lucky in that we haven't had any major injuries, but the guys are beat up and bruised, and with two major games yet to play before our bowl game, they need to heal.

No matter what the records are, there is always a lot of extra passion that goes into the Iron Bowl. Auburn's only hope of going to a bowl game this year rests on beating Alabama on November 29. More importantly to many of their fans is seeing Bama's perfect season ruined. And yes, there are some Auburn fans who delight in seeing Bama lose--imagine that!!! (I work with several of them, so I know what I'm talking about.)

Every year I have students try to get me to make a bet with them about the game. Their terms are usually that I would have to wear an Auburn shirt. I always refuse, even if I'm 99.999% sure Bama will win. And, even if I am 99.999% sure Bama will win, no one will ever hear me say it; that way, I don't have to eat my words. I've been around long enough to remember big upsets in this game. Besides, why would I make someone wear a Bama shirt if I refuse to wear an Auburn shirt?

I've got my wonderful, sweet husband making his homemade chili. I'm hosting Bunco this month, and we're having it this week instead of next week since next week is Thanksgiving. (Where has this year gone???) A few years ago, the Ladies' Bible Class where Mom and Dad go to church did a cookbook to raise money for one of their ministries. There is a recipe in it for Casey's Deer Chili. John decided to make it, but he added his own touches to it--that's why I call it his homemade chili. Oh. My. Goodness. It is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! He made it last year for one of the tailgate parties--there wasn't one tiny drop left, and everyone kept telling him how good it was. I figured that the Bunco Babes would enjoy it. Plus, I love showing off his talents. :)

I guess that's about it for now. I hope everybody has a GREAT week!

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Ms. Marty said...

It sounds like you and John had a great time. I, too, hope neither of you get sick. Maybe it was TOO cold for any germs to survive.

I will have to tell Dr. Casey that his deer chili has been give the John adaptation and is a complete hit anywhere it is served. He will absolutely glow. He is such a cutie and an super wonderful ortho doctor. Our congregation is indeed blessed to have him and Lorayne with us. No kids anymore. They are all gone; Braden is married, Chesley, Amie and Lilie are all in college. I think Chesley is going to be a professional student. At one time he was going to be an art instructor at the college level, but I heard lately that he has decided on law. With Chesley who knows?

How did the "children" make it at home alone? Was the house still in good order? Bet those two had a ball.

Guess I had better go. Got to go to the ENT today for a re-check on my reflux.

Have a good one.

Love, Mom

I love my Crimson Tide!

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