08 November 2008


Misty, Susan, and I had the best time yesterday. I am so very blessed and fortunate to have so many wonderful women in my life. This post is devoted to Misty and Susan, but I'll do another one at a later time about all the others.

I met Misty at the school at 9:30. We got to catch up on a lot on the ride to Susan's. Even thought Misty and I usually do see each other every day, it isn't for long, so we don't have time during a normal day to talk. I've said it before, teaching is about the only profession out there in which there is so little adult interaction within the course of a normal day. Anyway, we got to Susan's a little before 11. We just sat around for a while chatting and laughing.

We all l-o-v-e P.F. Chang's, so we went there for our long, relaxing lunch. None of our husbands are huge fans of Chang's, so about the only time we go is when it's the girls. (John prefers the "traditional" Chinese, and Chang's is more "trendy.") When we go, we usually order the same things--I get the Chang's Spicy Chicken, Susan gets the Honey Shrimp, and Misty gets either Beef and Broccoli or Mandarin Beef, and then we share. We had the Lettuce Wraps for an appetizer. Those are delish!!!

After we left Chang's, we ran into Talbot's for just a minute. It was a little cooler than I thought it was going to be, so I wanted to find a light-weight jacket. I did, but I ended up not wearing it at all. lol It will be perfect for these fall mornings, though.

We decided to go to Christmas Village at the BJCC. We haven't been in forever. The last time I went, I swore I'd never go again because the crowds were horrible. We discovered yesterday that the best time to get there is about 2:30. It was still very busy, but nothing like I've seen it. Of course, the economy could have something to do with it... I got my "potholder" gift for Bunco, and I got some dip mixes that I'll serve at Bunco.

After leaving Christmas Village, we went to Superior Grill for a quick bite. Since we really didn't want to eat, we decided to sit in the bar. A man at the table next to us was extremely loud, and before we left, he was making farting noises with his mouth. Think he'd had a little too much to drink? lol

Every time Misty, Susan, and I get together, we have such a good time. We can talk non-stop for hours, and we are always laughing. I know that yesterday was good for me, but I really think it was good for Misty. She said that other than school, she really hasn't had much to keep her mind occupied since her dad's death. She is having a very difficult time with it. I wouldn't say that she was any closer to her dad than her sisters or her brother because they are an extremely close family, but she has always been a daddy's girl, and she was the "baby" of the family--her older sister was 17 and her brother was 10 when she was born.

I met Misty and Susan when I was subbing at BRHS in the spring of 1993. I had subbed for Misty's sister, Pam, a couple of days, and I had subbed for Susan, too. On one of the days that I subbed, I saw a car in the parking lot with a Walker Co. tag. I wondered who at the school had connections to Walker Co. Later I subbed for a Ms. Anthony. Hmmm--could she be related to Mr. Anthony, one of my teachers in high school?? Nah. Ends up--Yeah, she is. :) Once we made that connection, we made tons of others. My best friend from high school married one of her best friends. Her dad performed the ceremony, and I was one of the bride's maids. Susan was at the wedding. We were both at Alabama at the same time.

Misty and I taught summer school in '93, and we kind of began developing a friendship. We went to Pam's a couple of times after school was out and hung out at the pool. Although Misty and I didn't have the connections that Susan and I had, she and I just seemed to click. There are those people who we just KNOW we'll hit is off with, and Misty was one of them. We had a school retreat right before my second year at Ben Russell. Susan and Tim had just gotten married, so she didn't go. Misty and I roomed together, and I think that was probably when we REALLY bonded. We talked for HOURS. We haven't stopped talking yet.

I know God had a plan when He put me at Benjamin Russell. Had John gotten the job in Troy instead of Alex City, I would have never taught at Benjamin Russell, and I would have never had these two wonderful, special women in my life. I can't imagine my life without them.

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Ms. Marty said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friendship. I was so glad when you begin to talk about your friends you had met at BRHS and the fact that Susan was a "native" of Walker County made it even better. Yes, I believe that God places each of us in the places that He thinks is to our best advantage. Things just don't happen by accident - there is always a purpose behind it. Hold on to those friendships. As I have found over the years, those are the ones that will be the glue that holds you together when nothings else is able to keep you from falling apart. I know that from first hand experiences.

Love you, Mom

I love my Crimson Tide!

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