28 November 2008

B & E

John got up this morning and started cleaning the leaves out of the yard. While he did that, I washed up a few dishes and started laundry. I was almost through with the dishes when he came in said for me to come outside with him. I figured he had something he needed my help with. I wish that had been all.

When we got outside, he walked over to the passenger side of my car, so my first thought was that something was wrong--a dent, a huge scratch, or something along those lines. Again, I wish that had been all. Apparently, someone (or ones) had decided to do a little breaking and entering last night.

I am the world's worst at tossing gas receipts into the console of my car. Unfortunately, I had also tossed an expired credit card and a receipt from the new card into the console the other day and haven't thought about them again. Fortunately, those things were still there. It doesn't appear that I had anything taken, but Gloria, who lives behind us, had her purse taken. They had also gotten into the vehicle of another neighbor and grabbed her leather jacket. Whoever it was then left the jacket in yet another vehicle. We suspect that whoever did it was scared by something as they/he/she was looking in Ray's truck and ran, leaving the jacket. Ray had some tools in his truck, but they were all still there. It seems like maybe the thief was looking for money.

On to better topics now. We had a great Thanksgiving with Jessi and her pups. We had decided that we'd stay home since we've done so much traveling over the last several months and because the ballgame is tomorrow. If we'd traveled, we'd have had to drive three hours up (whether to Oakman or to Hartselle) and three hours back; then, we'd turn around tomorrow and drive almost three hours again to and from Tuscaloosa. It certainly would not have been a relaxing few days off.

Jessi came over yesterday about 11 for dinner. We had a ham instead of turkey--Jessi, John, and I all prefer ham over turkey. I also did a broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole, green beans, glazed carrots, and dressing (I have to give credit to Publix for the dressing.) I actually CAN cook, but I just don't most of the time. With it being just John and me, it's a lot easier to do the frozen meals like Bertolli or the Crock-Pot Classics.

After dinner, we all curled up with a dog (or two) and did nothing. John and I watched The Bucket List, and Jess napped. I guess it was 3:30 or so when Jess left, and John and I just kept doing nothing. :) He commented that it was the first day in a LONG time that we'd just sat around the house and done absolutely nothing to speak of. Those days are rare, but they are so enjoyable!

I only joked about hitting the sales at 4 AM today. Robin and I did that for about three or four years, and that was enough. First of all, I don't enjoy getting up that early for ANYTHING (not even football, but I will...) Second of all, the sales usually continue after "black Friday" anyway, so why fight all the crazies trying to save an extra 5%? And third, I really hate being in huge crowds while I'm trying to shop. It drives me crazy to have to try to fight my way through a store. I think the thing that did me in the last time I went shopping was all of the women who had the Winnebago-sized strollers. I wanted to scream! I mean, leave the kids at HOME, but noooo...they use those huge strollers as package keepers. I have even seen them and there was no baby in sight. I hope it would be a matter of someone taking the baby somewhere quiet, but it does make you wonder. Things that make you go "hmmmmm..."

The weather forecast for tomorrow has rain in it. I really hope this is one the meteorologists have missed because I don't enjoy sitting in the rain, but I will. I'm glad we hung on to our Harley rain gear.

I guess that about does it for now. I need to go do another load of laundry. Fun... Yeah, right.

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!! I hope the entire state hears "Rammer Jammer" over and over and over and over and.....

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