25 November 2008


When I was in college, there were bumper stickers that said, "Beat the rush. Hate Auburn early." I had one for a while. :) I didn't really start to dislike Auburn as badly as I do until I moved to this part of the state. I have had to listen to "barners" put down Alabama time and time again, and over the last six years...well, many of them have been excessively obnoxious. Anytime the "six in a row" talk comes up, I remind them that Bama has a "nine in a row" streak and when they have ten in a row, then we'll talk about them being superior. I'm hoping that all their talk comes to an end about 6 PM Saturday.

The first time I ever went to an Alabama-Auburn game was 1985. I was a freshman at Bama and was on the color guard of the Million Dollar Band. I can still see "the kick" just like it happened last week. I think I'd be able to find the exact place I was standing. hahahaha The kick was going right to left, and it seemed like it took forever for the ball to go through the uprights. I remember jumping and screaming and hugging everyone around.

Another Iron Bowl memory was Coach Stallings' last year. We had won, and John and I were in the truck waiting in traffic. We had the post-game show on and heard Coach announce that he was retiring. He is the only coach to have beaten Auburn in his last Iron Bowl. I've wondered what the next few years would have been like had he stayed, but it was more important to him (and to the Bama Nation) that he spend time with John Mark. Johnny was, and still is, his life. Coach Stallings is, without a doubt, one of the classiest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I'm looking forward to Saturday and hopefully putting an end to the talk SOME of the Auburn fans are doing. I will definitely be "an obnoxious Alabama fan" come Monday if (when) Bama wins. :) RTR!!

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