30 October 2008

I have drugs again... ;)

It's the weekend--almost--and I couldn't be happier. This has been a really tough week, but now that I have my "happy pills" I think things will be better soon.

When I took the last of my Lexapro, I called Rite Aid to have it refilled. I didn't realize that I was on my last refill, and I had to have it done by Oct. 18. I called on the 20th. Boo. So, they had to call Dr. Hudson to get a new script. When I stopped by yesterday, Fran said that they had not heard back from the office. I called Rite Aid this morning to check, and they still hadn't heard back. I knew then what the problem was.

I was supposed to have scheduled my appointment for sometime after July 27. That was the same week I had to start back to work, so I knew I wouldn't be able to go then. I love using Henderson & Walton at St. Vincent's, but there are times when it isn't the most convenient in the world, but I would rather go to Birmingham than to the satellite office in Sylacauga. I've been using them since August of 1991, so I'm not about to change doctors now. Anyway, my plan was to go during fall break, but when I called, the first available appointment wasn't until Nov. 18. Because it had been over a year since I'd seen Dr. Dan, they wouldn't just call in a new script. I called this morning and explained why I hadn't been to see him yet and that I was going in less than three weeks. The nurse called in a script to get me through until I have my appointment.

I hate this "dependence" I have on Lexapro, and I plan on talking to Dr. Dan about it when I go. I know the withdrawal symptoms are rough--been there, done that. Once I get beyond the swimmy head, yucky stomach, fuzzy brain, etc., I do pretty well for about six months, and then my evil twin shows up. I hate her. I cannot stand to be in the same room with her, much less the same body. If I feel that way about her, I know others must feel the same. I pity John for having to be married to her. Fortunately, he is such an easy going, good-natured person, he is able (for the most part) to deal with her. I'm quite certain that all of this is related to hormones...

Enough about my issues...tomorrow is Friday. First and fourth blocks will be in the computer lab doing some of their research, and third block will take notes on sonnets. It's a pep rally day, so classes will be short. I AM NOT participating in the pep rally in any way, so I may sneak out early. By early, I mean 3:14 instead of 3:15--just early enough to beat the bus and parent crowd. :)

Have a GREAT Friday, and


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