23 October 2008

Random stuff on a Thursday afternoon

No particular reason for this post, but we'll be gone over the weekend, and I just wanted to put down some thoughts.

Yesterday, Debbie, Sam, Scott, Alex, Brooke, and I met over at Kristen's for a Pumpkin Party. Nothing fancy--chips and dips, pumpkin carving, and lots of laughs. Every now and then, teachers just have to get together and decompress. There aren't many other professions in which there is so little adult interaction on the job. I've said it before, I love the conversations I have with my students, but in a normal day, I probably spend less than an hour in conversation with adults. I don't count "Hey, how are you?" as I pass someone in the hall as conversation. So, we had some good adult conversation last night. Of course, Debbie and I are the "old dogs" of the bunch. Scott is mid-30s, but the others...they're still pups. Sam is a first year teacher, and Alex is an intern, so they're real babies. :) I love being around them though. It makes me feel younger than my (almost) 42 years. (It helps, too, that Kristen tells me I don't look like I'm even close to 40. lol)

Mom and Dad are trying out a "new" chihuahua--he's 10 months old. She said that Mule isn't too thrilled about him, but I think with time Mule will be fine. Bama didn't care much for Ali AT ALL when we first got her, but he loves her now (even though he acts like he doesn't sometimes. lol) I know that this pup won't replace Giz, but he will help keep the hole from seeming quite so big.

We're going up to the lake this weekend. John hopes we get the fascia board painted, and I'm hoping he can get the outside lights put up. It isn't looking like the hot water heater will happen this trip, but maybe I'll be surprised. With Auburn playing tonight, and Alabama not playing until Saturday night, we'll probably be pretty productive. I can pull myself away from the TV for other games, unless they are extremely exciting.

For the next three weekends (counting this one) we won't be going to a football game. Even though I'd rather go to a game than go shop, it will be nice to have some free weekends. The next home game that we'll go to will be Miss. St. We decided before the season started that we wouldn't go to the homecoming game.

Mr. Davidson and I were talking this morning about Alabama. They are huge Bama fans, and his son has decided for sure that is where he is going (and with a Presidential scholarship offer...uh, yeah) Anyway, I said that would give him a good reason to go to Tuscaloosa for weekends. He said that he was looking forward to being able to go to more games since Jacob will be there. He also said they've been trying to decide whether or not to order SECCG tickets. I'm still a little afraid to even think about being in Atlanta on Dec. 6. It does look like we have a good shot, but there is still a lot of football to be played.

I'm going by Sho 'Nuff to get some barbecue for supper, and we'll kick back and watch the Auburn-West Virginia game.

Since I probably won't be posting again, have a GREAT weekend!


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