05 October 2008


Alabama again had a "guggy" win. One of these days, one of these teams is going to slip up on us and beat the snot out of us. There can't be any complaints about the fans being complacent. We were so loud--my throat still feels scratchy from all the yelling. I really dread Ole Miss coming to town in two weeks. They've already beaten Florida, so they'll be up, I'm sure. Hopefully our week off will be good. There were a couple of players banged up--nothing too bad, I don't think--so the week off will be good for them. They've played six weeks of pretty physical ball already.

And how 'bout them 'Dores?? (Yes, I know that is a horribly incorrect sentence, but sometimes even an English teacher uses incorrect grammar. lol) Like I said in my last post, I would love to see Vandy do well. For the last few years, they've done a little better, but they still end up with just a so-so season. I would love to see them in Atlanta for the championship game. Will it happen? If I were a betting woman, I'd bet not, but who knows? One thing I do know is that I have a LOT of very sad friends this morning.

We're leaving in a bit to head out to our swanky five-star resort for the week (otherwise known as the trailer at the lake.) When we get home next Sunday, our hardwood floors in the dining room, the living room, and the hall will be refinished. I'm so excited! I cannot wait to see how they look. I know they'll be gorgeous. The only bad thing is that I'm sure I'll have a foot of extremely fine dust all over everything. Cleaning that up will be worth it, though.

Since we'll be at the lake with no internet service, I won't be posting anything new or reading any other blogs. I will catch up on everything once we get back. After working out there all week, I'll probably enjoy veggin' out with the computer for a while. :)

Hopefully, we're going to get to see Maggie this week, too. We haven't seen her since she was just a week old, and I'm DYING to get my hands on her again! Connie sent a picture of her from her phone the other day. She is a DOLL--a female Will. :)

We're stopping by Phillip and Katy's today, too, so we'll get some Sam Time. We haven't seen him in a few weeks, either. It's hard to believe he's getting close to his 7 month birthday--it's this week. Where has the time gone?? Babies just grow up too fast!

Well, this is all for now. I've got to get a few more things done before we can leave. Have a fabulous week, and


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