02 October 2008

Post of random stuff

There are several things I wanted to post about, and no single title would work, so this is a "post of random thoughts."

First of all, I had to take the pups to the vet for their annual shots. Since I was going in to work late today, I decided to drop them off when the office opened at 7:30. We have our normal routine every morning. As soon as John begins to put on his shirt, Bama starts "talking" to him because Daddy is about to give them a treat, and Bama knows that. After he and Ali have their treat, they curl up on the couch and snooze until it's time for me to leave. Right before I come out of the bedroom, they go sit by the gate at the breakfast room door because they know they'll get another treat, and then they'll be locked in "puppy jail" as John calls it.

OK--so to today...I asked them if they wanted to go for a ride with Momma. Naturally, they did. I got them in the car, got their leashes from the truck, and then had to come back into the house to get their collars. Finally, we got started. The vet's office is only about a mile from the house, so it wasn't a long ride for them at all. What was so funny, though, was the second I pulled into the parking lot, Bama groaned. NO LIE! It was SO funny. I felt so bad for him. He gets so nervous when I take him to the vet, and then I leave him there all day. Needless to say, he and Ali were very happy to see me this afternoon.

I got to go in late to work today because Misty and I had taken a professional day to work on the research projects for English 11 and English 12. We got tons done! We could probably take another full day to finalize everything, but that won't happen. Each teacher got a whopping $34 for professional development. That won't even begin to pay for registration to a decent workshop, so we combined our money to pay for one sub to split between the two of us. Today was the day that Misty didn't have AP English 12, so it worked out that all my classes could be covered.

John and I went to the Creole and Seafood Shack for his birthday. YUM-O! If you like creole food, you need to go. John had the shrimp creole with a cup of gumbo, and I had the seafood jambalaya. The place is nothing more than a little hole in the wall--it seats only about 20 people-- but those are usually the best kind of places. We wanted to get the bread pudding with rum sauce, but they were out of dessert. We'll have to make sure we go a little earlier next time, and there will be a next time!

I guess we'll be obnoxious Alabama fans again this weekend. Auburn is playing Vandy in Nashville, and we're hoping to see Vandy win. I would really love to see Vandy finally have a great season. I know that there are a LOT of Auburn fans out there who are pulling for Kentucky this weekend. The Bama-Kentucky game is another undefeated vs. undefeated game, and there a lot of Auburn fans who would love to see Bama lose and get knocked down in the ratings. I guess that makes them obnoxious.

Tomorrow is the last day before fall vacation. Yee Haw!! Misty was saying the other day that she doesn't know how she did it before we had the fall break. I guess we just took more days off.

I guess this is pretty much it for my post of random thoughts. Have a great Friday!

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