19 October 2008

7-0, but just barely

Yesterday was the perfect autumn day for football. The sky was so blue with just a few clouds here and there. A nice, cool breeze was blowing, so the temperature was just right--not too hot, and not too cold.

When John and I got off the shuttle, the ROTC was practicing for the pregame. Standing nearby were some guys in flight suits, so I commented to John that I hoped we would be having a fly over. I love the games when there are fly overs, and the one yesterday did not disappoint me. There were two F-18s out of Oceana, VA. The pilots had just returned from two back-to-back 6 month tours to Iraq. When they introduced them over the PA at half time, it seemed as if the entire stadium stood to give them a standing ovation. They certainly deserve it! Back to the fly over, though...They timed it perfectly. Just before the final note of the national anthem was played, we could hear them coming. They come over the stadium from the south end, which is where we sit. I get chills every time. The only thing I can say when they go over is "damn." The sound, the vibration...it's just indescribable.

This game had me more nervous than any other game so far. (I think I say that every week, but every week I think I feel more nervous than I did before. lol) I knew that Ole Miss would be there to play. They had already beaten Florida at The Swamp, so they were confident that they could come to BDS and beat us, and they almost did. The Tide had an awesome first half, and then something happened in the second. That's become the norm the last few weeks, and I don't like it. Of course, I know the players and the coaches don't like it either. It's that second half that is going to cost us a game somewhere down the road.

We had a huge loss with Terrence Cody being hurt. I hope, for him, that it isn't anything major. "Mt. Cody" has the potential to have a nice NFL career ahead of him. It was awesome to see him in on the offense. I love seeing a surprise like that. It reminded me of the time that big Andre Smith scored a TD. :)

Even with Cody out, our D had a huge 4th down stop near the end of the game. Dont'a Hightower, one of the freshmen, was a big part of the stop. He's going to be impressive in the next few years. He already IS impressive, but he'll only get better with experience. We have a really great group of freshmen who have had already made major contributions to the team.

After the game, John and I walked over to our old tailgate spot. It looked so lonely. BD was the only one over there. He said yesterday was the first game he's been to all year. Forrest and Morgan have been coming up and tailgating, so hopefully the spot hasn't looked that empty every week. :) I'm sure they've kept it pretty lively.

We decided to stop at Dreamland for ribs on the way home. We must've been in a barbecue mood yesterday--we had Full Moon for lunch. Both were good, but Dreamland is still my favorite. It has to be the original Dreamland, though. We've eaten at the one in Birmingham a lot, and it's good, but we weren't impressed with the one in Montgomery or the one in Mobile. It has been years since we've been to either of those, so they may have improved. Then again, they may not even still be open. We don't typically go to Montgomery or Mobile.

Even with stopping for ribs, we still got home about 10:30, so it wasn't too bad. We were in bed and asleep by 11.

It is now Tennessee week. I've said it before--I dislike auburn, but I HATE tennessee. Their fans have always been the most obnoxious, mouthy, and rude ones we've ever encountered. There are some good ones out there, like Suzanne. The third Saturday in October used to be one of the great rivalry games in college football. Over the years, the rivalry has been tarnished. I think most Bama fans would agree that things began to change about the time that Fulmer became coach... I hate fact that the game isn't played on the third Saturday in October anymore, either.

I was hoping that the BCS poll would have come out before I posted, but it hasn't. (I guess I could have waited to post until after it did, but I had taken a break from putting the dining room back together, and it seemed like a good time to post.) We're still ranked 2 in the AP, Coaches, and Harris polls. AP doesn't matter as far as the BCS goes, but the Coaches and the Harris polls do. It will be interesting to see how the computer rankings affect our ranking in the BCS. I'd guess we'll still be at number 2, and that's fine with me for now.

I guess that just about does it for this post. As always on Sunday...


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