02 October 2008

It's John's big day!

Today is John's birthday. He's 53--I don't think he'd mind me telling you his age. If he does, OOPS! Sorry, Hon! :)

When we bought our lot at the lake, we decided that we wouldn't get presents for each other anymore. If there is something we need, we get it whenever we need it. We do the same with our wants--within reason. There are things we both WANT, but we don't just rush out and buy something JUST because we want it. If that were true, he'd have two or three Harleys sitting in the garage, and I'd have a fire-engine red original Mustang convertible. I did get him a new wallet, though. :)

And, I did make reservations for us to spend next week at a swanky, five-star resort. John is taking off since I'm going to be on fall break, and with his birthday being today, it fit perfectly for us to take this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Oh, wait...that's what I WANT to do. What we are actually doing is spending next week at the lake--working our bums off. (Go ahead--make a comment about an American using the word "bum.")

John is such an awesome man, and he deserves every wonderful thing that life has to offer. He works so hard to make sure that we can have all of the things we need in life and that we can do or have some of the things that we want. He is a kind and considerate person, he has a fabulous sense of humor, and he never meets a stranger. I know of no one who doesn't think the world of John. He is one of the most well-respected people that I know, and I'm not just saying that because he is my husband and I'm madly in love with him. I have people tell me that all the time.

We do have dinner plans for tonight. Even though we don't usually do gifts for birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas, or any other holiday, we do either have a nice dinner at home or we go out to eat--celebrant's choice. I think he's decided he wants to go to the Creole and Seafood Shack in Auburn. We saw it on Todd's Taste of the Town when Game Day was in Auburn for the Auburn-LSU game. We both LOVE Creole food AND seafood, so it sounds like a winner. :)

Happy birthday, Sweetie! I hope it's a fabulous one.

We love you,
Trina, Ali, and Bama

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Anonymous said...

Aaaaw! This was sweet! Ya'll gave a great time!


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