28 August 2008

Gonna get BABY LOVE!

We're going to Hartselle tomorrow, so I'm gonna get to get my hands on Maggie Beth. I cannot wait! Connie sent me some pictures the other day. My first comment was that she looks just like Will did. I sent one of the pictures to Mom, and she said the same thing. One thing I can say about all the babies in our family is that they are beautiful! I'm so jealous right now of everybody there because they've gotten to see her and snuggle with her. :( I'll have to make up for that.

We're going to the lake on Saturday. We haven't been up there since before school started. I'm sure the grass will need cutting and limbs will need picking up--all those fun things. ha Maybe we can get those things done pretty early so we can watch football later. I guess it will depend on what time we get up and leave from Hartselle Saturday morning.

Since I won't have internet over the weekend, I hope you all have a great one and enjoy your Labor Day.

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