17 August 2008

Busy weekend

It has been a super busy weekend, but it's been a good one. John and I left yesterday about 7. We stopped at Bob's (our Saturday morning ritual) and then headed north. We had to stop by Academy Sports so John could exchange a shirt I had gotten him, and then we picked up Katy and Sam and went to Hartselle to see Billie. We hadn't told Billie we were bringing Katy and Sam, so she was completely surprised.

Ron and Cindy were having a get together at their house in Danville last night, so we went out there for a couple of hours. Poppa John was dying to show off Sam. Of course, everyone thought he was precious, and they are so right. :) This was the first get together that we've had in a while, and it was the first time we've seen Doug and Bonnie and Pete and Millie in forever! We're planning on hosting a gathering at the lake in October. I hope everyone can come.

One of the reasons we had gone to Hartselle was so that John, Danny, Tim, and Connie could talk about plans for Billie, so after we got back from Ron and Cindy's, John went over to Danny and Linda's for a while. We didn't realize that Tim and Tisha were gone this weekend, but at least John, Danny, and Connie were able to talk. They've all talked with one or the other, but they haven't gotten together as a group.

Billie's Alzheimer's seems to be getting worse almost by the day. She never feels well, she doesn't eat like she should, and twice she has fallen while at home alone, so we are all concerned about her physical well-being. There is a place in Priceville that Connie has been to check out, and she and Linda are going to look at a place in Hartselle tomorrow (I think.) This is not going to be an easy thing for any of us, but I know that it has to be extremely hard on Danny, John, Tim, and Connie.

Connie made chocolate gravy and biscuits this morning. (This really isn't as yuck as it sounds.) Danny, Linda, Amy (and Maggie Beth) and Will came over for breakfast, so they all got to see and play with Sam, too. I think everybody got a pretty good dose of Sam-love. :)

Amy, Allen, and Will took John and me over to see their new house. It is going to be gorgeous! I know they can't wait to get moved into it. Hmmm...Aunt Trina is seeing a babysitting weekend with Maggie Beth in the future. Mommy and Daddy can't move while having to take care of her. I'm so excited about her getting her on the 25th! We will definitely be making a trip to Hartselle Labor Day weekend.

I'm sure Billie is still talking about Sam. Every time we see or or talk to her, she talks about him and what a happy baby he is. It thrills her to pieces to be able to see him.

Like I said in the title, it's been a busy weekend. I have one pup curled up behind me and one curled up beside me. I think I'm about to curl up with them.

Have a great week ahead!

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Ms. Marty said...

Your weekend may have been busy, but it sounds like you had a good time.

I am so sad about Billie. I can't imagine having to deal with your parent not being able to think the right way. I still think a physical disability is not as bad as a mental one. I guess it really is hard on the boys and Connie. You know how I have always felt about Billie. John's family has felt like family to us from the beginning.

By the way, Barbara called and it seems that one of your students is the daughter of John's favorite employee when he worked at Russell Hospital - Sara!! She wrote a paper about her dad or something like that. Barbara thought you would like to know.

Got to go. Haven't had time to even post to my blog lately. Much too busy. It is really hard to find enough hours in a day sometimes.

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