26 August 2008

John's "new" car

John just picked up his "new" car. :) It isn't brand spanking new by any stretch of the imagination, but it's new to him. The Sentra that he has been driving for half of forever has just about seen its last mile. The odometer quit working at 180,000+ miles--two or three years ago. He averages around 23,000 miles a year, so at two years since the odometer quit working, the car has well over 200,000 miles on it.

He's been looking around for months now, but he came in the other day and said he thought he'd found him one--a Mazda Miata. He went yesterday to look at it and drive it. After he got home, we talked about it, and then he called the seller to say he'd come get it today. He's really excited about having a "fun" car again. (We have missed my convertible SOOOO badly! Now we have another one. woo hoo!!)

He hasn't gotten back yet. I'm sure he's out for a fun little spin, and I'm about to go to Bunco. Have a great day! Try to stay dry. (We actually saw something in the sky today that looked like sunshine and blue skies, but it didn't last long. Could it have been a hallucination? lol)

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