23 August 2008

A perfect day

This has been one of those perfect days. There wasn't anything special about it. John and the pups got up about 7:30 to go to Bob's, but they let me sleep in. I needed it SO badly! I'm not sure what's going on that is making me be so tired (other than just getting older...) but I'll be glad when I get caught up. Starting back to school has been harder this year than in past years.

I got up about 8, fixed coffee and a biscuit. By that time, John was back. I cleaned house, but I didn't get in any huge hurry to get it done. While I was doing that, John worked on getting the upstairs straightened up. We'd done some, but we still needed to finish up. We've got stuff to bring down that needs to be thrown away, and John wants to do a yard sale with the rest. I would really rather load it up and take it to Salvation Army because I hate doing yard sales. I've never liked having them. Maybe that's because I don't like getting up at the crack of dawn.

It has rained here pretty much all day--just a nice, steady soaking. It's been quite breezy, too. I wish some of this would get to Smith Lake, but when John talked to Danny a bit ago, he said they haven't gotten any today.

Amy and Maggie Beth are doing fine. Maggie Beth was 8 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. (I think I got the ounces right.) This next week will probably drag because I'm so excited about getting to see her, and it will be football week.

I guess this is about it for now. I know it's nothing thrilling and exciting, but hey, not every post is. :) I'm about to take a shower and snuggle up with my pups. Bama is already sacked on the back of the love seat, and Ali is on the other end of the couch. I may not be far behind. lol

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