05 August 2008

Football tickets and I feel OLD!

Susan sent a text yesterday to tell me they had gotten they football tickets. Instead of texting her back, I called. For the two of us, the day we get our football tickets almost rivals the day we got married. You think I'm kidding??? Ask our husbands. By the time I got home, it was 6:30. (I didn't leave school until after 6--it was a LONG day!) I called the UPS number to see about picking them up at the office, but by the time the Opelika office called me back, it was almost 7:30, and I would have had to be there by 8. No doubt I could have made it, but I would have risked getting a ticket of another kind in the process, which would have made me miss getting to the office by 8. So I decided I'd just go this afternoon. I probably could have worked until after 6 again, but I left a little after 4. John was home, so he rode with me. We stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel, and then we went by to see Aunt Kat. Thanks to her, we're having fried green tomatoes tomorrow night. YUM! Anyway, I have my tickets, so life is good. Football season can now start. WJOX has changed their frequency, so I can actually listen to sports talk radio instead of sports static radio on the way to and from work now.

Now for the old part...One of the perks of attending the SUPER Teacher Institute is that we have access to the Writing Studio@CSU, and we can use it with our students. I took all my classes to the lab today so they could see and play around with the online textbook through Holt and so I could show them the Writing Studio. In order to register them for the Studio, I had to have their email addresses. A lot of them have something cute or something that identifies an interest they have. Several use their name and their year of graduation. Some use the year in which they were born as part of their address. That year for a lot of them is 1992--the same year I got married.

When I first started teaching, my students would tell me that their mom was older than I was. Then it became "You and my mom are the same age." That is still true in most cases, or at least their parents and I are very close in age. However, in some instances, I am OLDER than their parents!!!! ARGH!!! When did that happen? I still feel (most days) like I'm in my early 30s instead of my early 40s. I have people guess my age to be mid-30s ALL the time. So, when did I get to be middle-aged? My parents are the ones who are supposed to be middle-aged, not me. In a few years I'll realize that I'm in the twilight of my life, and I'll wonder how in the world that happened, too. All you younger people out there--take my advice. Slow down and enjoy life! It goes much faster than we would like, especially as we get older.

OK--enough melancholy! It's time to call it a day. After almost 12 hours yesterday and almost 10 hours today, I am tired. Have a great day tomorrow. It will be HUMP DAY! :)

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