10 August 2008

My name is Trina, and I have a problem...

I need to be going to CFAA--College Football Addicts Anonymous. There are only 20 days until Alabama kicks off the season against Clemson in the Georgia Dome. John and I talked about going, and one of our friends who is Coach Moore's admin. asst. said she could get us tickets if we wanted them. It would be a great game to go to--the Dome is awesome--but we decided to pass on this one.

Anyone who knows me knows that I live, eat, and breathe college football and in particular, Alabama football. Now that the NFL pre-season is underway, I can begin to feed my addiction. Watching the NFL isn't as exciting to me as watching college is, but it's football.

I turned on the TV earlier to find out what NFL games were being played today when I found ALABAMA football!! It's the SEC Football Rewind--Alabama and the Gators in the Swamp on Oct. 2, 1999. We won by a point in overtime after getting a second chance to kick the field goal due to a flag against Florida.

John and I were in Gulf Shores when this game was on. When we won, he jumped up and almost knocked the ceiling fan down. Fortunately he's a handy-man and was able to put it back together.

Like I said, I live, eat, and breathe college football. Naturally, I much prefer to watch Alabama, but I have been known to watch the University of Podunk vs. Timbuktu State. I don't care, as long as it is football. There is just something about the sport that I love. If given the choice to go shopping or to go to a game, I will pick the game every time. Before John sold the Harley, he would take off on Saturdays to ride. He always asked if I wanted to go, but the only way I would was if Alabama had an open week. Even then, we'd have to stop somewhere with TVs for lunch so we could watch whoever was on.

The only reason I subscribe to the Birmingham News is for the sports. Until December, I probably won't look at anything other than the sports section. I pull it out first thing.

I can't wait for August 28th to get here. I don't even know who is playing the Thursday night game, and I don't care...It's football!

EDIT: As I read another blog I really should just ignore, it was brought to my attention that I used "breath" instead of "breathe" in this post. Since I was sneezing due to allergies and had taken Benadryl and was struggling to stay awake, I'm surprised that was the ONLY error I made. The really funny thing about this whole thing is that she swears she doesn't read my blog. teeheeheeheehahahahawhaw

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