12 August 2008


My nephew Will is without a doubt one of the funniest kids I have ever known. He is only 6 (or at least he will be on Friday) but he can come up with some of the funniest things. He does have Vest blood running through his veins, though, so he truly cannot help it. All of John's family has a terrific sense of humor.

Anyway, Will started kindergarten last week. Amy and Allen made the decision to hold him out last year so that he wouldn't be one of the youngest boys in his class. He wasn't too happy about that, but they finally convinced him that he couldn't start last year. Back in the spring he and one of his buddies were talking at the ball field. His little buddy told him that he had to hurry up and get to kindergarten because it was so much fun. Without missing a beat, Will put his hands on his hips and said, "I'm trying as hard as I can to get out of that place." That place being pre-school.

Amy said last week that he jumped out of bed on the first day so ready to go. When he got home he proclaimed school as "awesome!" I hadn't gotten any updates until today, and it is a classic.

Amy is expecting, and unless something changes, Maggie Beth will be here August 25th. Amy had sent a letter to the principal explaining that Will would be absent that day due to the birth of his sister. The principal would then approve the absence and send a letter home. Well, yesterday at nap time, someone from the office called his classroom saying for Will to come pick up the letter. He overheard the conversation, and before the teacher had time to hang up the phone, he was on his feet saying he WOULD NOT go to the office. The teacher told him he wasn't in trouble, but Will insisted. He said that somebody could bring the letter to the classroom but he WOULD NOT go to the office because his daddy said that if he stepped foot in the office he would get IT when he got home.

After the teacher got through laughing, she convinced him it was okay for him to go to the office and sent him up with a buddy. His home folder included a note asking Daddy to please explain that it is sometimes okay to go to the office and that you don't always get IT when you get home.

I laughed until I cried as I read Amy's email. I can just see him standing there telling his teacher he CANNOT go to the office. I'm sure our family will be kept in stitches with Will's school stories.


Ms. Marty said...

I can just see those eyes now. Thank goodness Allen and Amy have convinced him that a trip to the office is serious, but maybe they were a little TOO convincing. He is without a doubt the funniest kid I've ever been around. And he is so serious about the things he says. Like you said, he has Vest blood running in his viens. I hope Maggie Beth has that same sense of humor.

If you haven't been told lately, I am so glad you became a Vest. I know God definitely answers prayers. John is the living proof of that and I don't want him or you to ever forget it.

Ms. Marty said...

OOPS!!! I think I made a spelling error. Will you ever forgive me?

Trina said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU MAKE A SPELLING ERROR??????? I'll have to strike you FOREVER from my list. Oh, wait a minute...You ARE human and you've never claimed to be perfect. I'll forgive you. teehee

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