22 August 2008

Happy Birthday, Maggie Beth!

Maggie Beth arrived this afternoon! Connie called a little after 3:00 to tell me. Let me rephrase that--Connie finally got me a little after 3. Amy's BP had gone up this morning, so she went in to see the doctor, and he decided that Maggie's birthday would be today. Connie said that everything was fine with Mommy and baby. She didn't have the stats for the baby, so I can't give you those.

When I called Jessi to tell her, she said that she wants to be happy but her title has been taken away from her. I couldn't think what she was talking about, but then Jess said that she wasn't the baby girl of the family anymore. :( She has been the baby girl for almost 25 years. That's a long time to hold a title. :) Poor Luke lost his title of baby boy 8 years ago when Zack was born. (For some reason, I don't think things like that matter to boys quite as much as they do to girls.) Of course, this also means that Sam has lost his title of the newest baby in the family.

I can hardly wait until next weekend. We'll go to the lake, but at some point in the weekend, we'll go to Hartselle so I can get some BABY LOVE!! I can't wait to snuggle with Maggie Beth. There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a newborn baby to snuggle.

I'll check with Amy and Allen first, but if they don't care, pictures will be posted. I certainly don't want to put pictures out there on the internet if they would rather they not be.

It will be interesting to get Will's take on his sister now that she is actually here. He'll be a terrific big brother.

Welcome to the world, Maggie Beth!! Aunt Trina loves you BUNCHES! :)

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