01 March 2008

Life is good

Life is really good. There isn't anything in particular that has caused me to feel the urge to express this, but I do. It has been an absolutely beautiful day--the kind that makes me stop and realize what a wonderful world we live in. It's the kind, too, that makes me wish it would stay like this forever. It was warm enough earlier for me to sit on the steps in the sunshine and grade a few essays. (Which is what I REALLY should be doing right now...) The pups have played outside most all day. I just watched Bama as he rubbed his neck on the sidewalk. I'm sure he found something stinky, so bathtime will probably come much sooner than he hopes. lol John has worked in the garage, cleaning it up, all day. It's just one of those perfect days. I look forward to moving to the lake and being able to enjoy days like this with a water view.

The plans for moving to the lake are still uncertain, timewise. The house here will be paid off in January. (Anybody up for a party to celebrate??) I'd love to try to begin clearing, maybe in the fall, and begin building shortly after. Who knows though. We may still be weekending it in a 2 bedroom, one bath trailer in 10 years.

Katy and Jessi's step-dad, Roy, will be having surgery in April. This will be his second surgery in a little over a year. Keep him in your thougths and prayers that this one will be a huge success and allow him to get back to the things he enjoys. I'm sure having sweet little Sam will help to speed up his recovery time!

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