24 March 2008

Cute, cute, cute!

Jessi took her dad and me to look at the apartment she is hoping to move into this weekend, and it is just too cute! She kept saying it was small, and it is, but for one person, it is PERFECT! She keeps saying she's so scared, but I think that is just because this is one of the first, if not THE first, "big girl" things she has done completely independently. Yeah, she got married, and that is certainly a "big girl" thing, but she had someone else there along side her to figure it out with. (I wonder if he ever kicks his rear end for letting such a beautiful, smart, funny person go?) Anyway, she has had roommates before as well, but when you live completely on your own, it is so different! Although I wouldn't ever want to live on my own again (I have gotten as used to John's snoring as a person can get lol) I did love having my own place. It was nice to be able to do what ever I wanted and not have to worry about whether I was disturbing anyone else. I know that Jessi will like it once she gets settled. And this apartment is going to be SO darling once she gets it all decorated. I can't wait to see everything in place! I'm so proud of her.

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