13 March 2008

I didn't think it was possible!

Ever since Katy found out she was pregnant and shared the news with us, I knew I would love this child, but oh my! When I held him that first time and looked at his beautiful face, I fell head over heels. I have never known a love just like this, and it is awesome. I could not sleep at all Monday night because I just kept thinking about him. At one point, I got my phone and just looked at his picture for the longest time. As much as I love him, I cannot even begin to imagine the depth of love that John feels. The very first picture of John holding Sam says it all. His face--just look at his eyes--are so full of happiness. There were things in Katy's and Jessi's lives that he had to miss (not by his choice...) but he fully intends on being a huge part of Sam's life. Just watching him hold Sam and talk to him about chasing bears was so sweet. Not that I want any of his life to fly by, but I can't wait until Sam is old enough to come running to us with his arms outstretched. Wow--that's about the best way I can put it.
Just a quick side note--I always tell people that I have 2 daughters. I go on to explain that Katy and Jessi are my step-daughters but after 16 years of being a part of their lives, I prefer to drop the "step" part of it. For years, every time Katy and Jessi and I would go somewhere together, we would have people tell them they looked just like their mother. We'd smile, say thanks, and go on. So, today one of my students comes in and sees the picture of me holding Sam (in my "I love my Grandma" frame) and she tells me that Sam has my nose. I just smiled and told her thanks. Then at lunch, one of my co-workers, who knows Katy is not my biological daughter, tells me that she thinks Sam's nose looks like mine. hahaha

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