19 March 2008

Sam is just too sweet!

I got here about 6 Monday afternoon, just in time to feed and snuggle with Sam. :) He was sooo good and soooo sweet. He ate up his bottle and slept until Phillip woke him up about 11 to eat again. I heard him crying once during the night and that was it until about 7:30 yesterday morning. Katy and Phillip had to take him to the pediatrician to get his bilirubin level checked again yesterday. It was down, so the doctor said she is through with them as far as the jaundice goes. Yea!! He was sleeping when they got home, so waiting for him to wake up was hard. When he did, even though I wanted to just grab him and snuggle, I let his mommy have her time with him. They've had so much company (yeah, myself included) since he was born that Katy hasn't had as much mommy time as she'd like. Plus, she still hasn't been feeling 100% so she hasn't been able to do a lot. (Her blood pressure has still been up, so they've put her on meds to try to get it lower. It was down yesterday, so that is really good!) Anyway, Katy decided to go nap, and I got to snuggle. He ate 3 oz. of formula and was then down for the count. He slept for about 4 hours. A couple of times, Phillip and I tried to wake him to feed him, but he was having none of it. Heck, his tummy was still full. No reason to wake up just yet. hahaha Besides, it's like I told Katy and Phillip, when he is hungry, wet, stinky, he WILL let them know!! Sam is without a doubt the best baby ever. He has been a perfect angel the whole time Grana has been here with him. He has eaten and slept like a champ. :)

I'll be heading home sometime this afternoon. I'd planned on staying until about 3, but it is raining, so I'll probably try to get gone a little earlier. Plus, I'm sure that Katy and Phillip would love to have some quiet family time. Once they've gotten up and gotten downstairs, I'll go ahead and start getting ready. I know how precious sleep is with a new baby, so I don't want to wake them by going up to get a shower now.

John and I are bringing some stuff to the lake this weekend, so I know we'll drop by for a bit. I wish we could be here Sunday for his first Easter. I think this will be the first Easter in YEARS that we haven't had Easter dinner at our house with Katy, Phillip, and Jessi (and in the past, Randy.) Easter was the ONLY holiday that we didn't have to rearrange weekend visits for. If our weekend with Kate and Jess was on Easter, that was always okay. So at least we got to do the Easter bunny stuff (even though they knew all about the Easter Bunny, Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc). (According to papers, their daddy was SUPPOSED to have every other holiday, but it never happened that way...)

I guess that's about all for now. I'll update later!!

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