21 March 2008

Welcome, Spring!

I love the springtime! While summer is my favorite season, spring runs in a VERY close second. I noticed on Sunday afternoon when John and I were working in the yard that some of the trees are starting to leaf out, and then when I got home from Huntsville Wednesday afternoon, I noticed blooms on the dogwood tree. Those two things are definite signs of spring for me! Yeah, the yellow bell bushes and the daffodils (my favorite flower, btw) have been blooming for a couple of weeks now, but they seem to bloom anytime the temperature stays even remotely warm for a few days. :)

I just made the pups come in for a while. I've been sitting on the steps reading while they played in the sunshine for about the last hour and a half. They LOVE being outside, but it's so hard to watch them, and I would DIE if either of them got hit by a car. Ali, for some reason, prefers to play across the street, and she is so little that a driver probably wouldn't even see her. We've been in for about 15 minute, so I know that at any minute, Bama will start begging to go out again. I tried putting them in the fence for a while. Ali was fine with it--she's pretty much fine with ANYTHING--but Bama whined almost non-stop. He hates not having his freedom. That's why he loves being at the lake so much! Except when he falls in...

I'm not sure about our Easter plans yet. John had said last weekend that we'd probably take some stuff to the lake and then go to Phillip and Katy's to see Sam. (To see Sam's daddy and mommy, too. lol) But he hasn't said anything definite. He may come home in a few hours expecting us to leave, but I haven't packed a thing! I tried to pin him down on it last night because if we don't go north, Jessi and Michael may come over. Since Katy started driving, they ALWAYS came over for Easter dinner if they weren't already here for the weekend anyway. It would feel strange not to bake a ham, fix potato salad, and all the other stuff! As we get older, things change though. We know it is going to be much easier for us to go visit Phillip, Katy, and Sam for big holidays instead of having them come here, especially while Sam is so young and they have so much to haul with them.

I have tons I need to get done. I really just want to sit in the sun, but I do need to get busy. So, I guess this is all for now!

Have a WONDERFUL spring!

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