26 March 2008

Jessi gets her apartment! And other stuff

Yea!!! She called last night to let us know they approved her application for the apartment, and she gets to move in this weekend. John will probably load up the truck and take over all the stuff we've stored for her and help her get it moved in on Friday. I'll drive over as soon as I get off work to help out too, and I'm about 99.99999% sure Michael will be there, too. :) I know it will be so cute once she gets everything all set up.

Let's see--other stuff--It is SUCH a gorgeous day outside, and I'm stuck inside teaching the dreaded research process. BLEECH! It isn't that it is hard to teach, but I have to do SO much talking for the first few days, and it is boring, so the kids are about to die. Hopefully we'll get started on the Renaissance period tomorrow. Even though that requires lecture, I LOVE talking about the monarchs. This is the period of King Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Does it make me a nerd because I enjoy this? hahaha It's really quite interesting. I tell the students that it is better than any soap opera they could ever watch--murder, incest, adultery...

I didn't talk to Katy yesterday, but I got an update on Sam's appointment from Jessi. He weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz., so that's really good. He's growing!! I did try to call, but she didn't answer, so I'm hoping she and Sam were napping. I've got 3 gifts to take up to her for Sam, so I've GOT to make a trip soon. I'm having withdrawals from him. :) Maybe next weekend when John is hunting I can go up.

It's LUNCH TIME and Zaxby's buffalo chicken salad (NO BLEU CHEESE FOR ME, PLEASE!!) is calling. Hope you have a fantastic day!!

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