20 March 2008

Let me apologize

Obviously, I had a lapse in judgment with my previous post (which I have deleted, so don't look for it. :) ) I allowed myself to react to other things I've seen posted on other blogs and sites--things I should've just ignored, or better yet, not even read in the first place.

Things from that post that I DO NOT regret saying are that I thank God each and every day for bringing John, Katy, Jessi, Phillip, and Sam into my life and I would walk through hell for them. I just get so angry, though, when it is made to appear that John had nothing at all to do with the wonderful young women that his daughters have grown up to be. But that's all I will say about that!

Please overlook my moment of aggravation and frustration and accept my apology if anyone was offended.

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